FAUJI Game is the next PUBG! Akshay Kumar Introduce ‘Made in India’ online game

FAUJI Game is the next PUBG

We all know that PUB-G is the most renowned mobile game all over the world. But now the Indian government had banned PUB-G. Don’t worry there is an alternative for everything therefore we have an alternate for this as well. Akshay Kumar has launched FAUG Game. This game is also known as the Fauji game(FAUG Game), Fau-G game, etc. The owner of this game is Vishal Gondal.

Basic Details Of Fauji game

  • It is launched by Akshay Kumar
  • An alternate of PUB-G
  • It is free-downloadable from the play store
  • APK of Fauji game is available for Android phones
  • The size of the game is in between 500Mb to 2Gb

How To Download FAU-G Game

FAU-G game can be downloaded for free from the play store like other mobile games such as PUB-G, Gareena free, etc. Before downloading the game you need to check the basic requirement.

Basic Requirements To Download Fauji Game In Android

The following are the requirements:

  • Android 6.0 or above
  • Internet connection
  • WIFI
  • Google Play Service
  • Facebook or Gmail account
  • RAM – 4GB
  • HDD Space – 4GB

Download FAUG Game Application

Following are the steps for this process:

  1. Visit the play store
  2. Find the list of Ncore games
  3. Look for FAU-G Mobile
  4. Press the install button
  5. Download the Fauji game on your mobile
  6. Click on the install button and then on the open button
  7. Sign-up using Facebook or Google account
  8. Now play and enjoy the Fauji game on your phone

Download APK For Fau-g Game

APK for the Fauji game can be downloaded from any website. After the post-launch, you will be required to visit any APK website like apkmonk, apkpure, etc, and after that look for fauji game apk. By doing this you will get the option to download apk for the game. Once you click on the download link of the game you will get the list of various versions of fauji apk file download links.

After you click on the download option the download process will start.

Installing The FAUG Game APK

Below are the steps for this process:-

  1. Visit the APK store
  2. Find APK of the FAUG and the download it
  3. Go to the download folder of the phone
  4. Select the APK file 
  5. Allow permission to install for external application
  6. Click on install option
  7. Run the game and start playing

Release Date Of FAUG Game

We all know that one can not play any game on there phone before it is released. It so obvious that PUB-G lovers are waiting for this alternate eagerly. So here, I would like to share the good news with you all. According to the media sources, the game is going to release in between 10th Oct to 20th Oct. It will be released on the play store. Its official launch event will be held online, user can also watch it on youtube. The FAUG Game official trailer will be done by Akshay Kumar on his social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and youtube).

Download Fauji Game Trailer

Users can download the Fauji Game trailer on the official youtube channel as well as on the official website link.


FAUG Game Map

According to the latest update on FAU-G Game news, a new game map is to be announced with the FAUJI Beta Version. The game map will be known as Galvan Valley. This player can play online multiplayer games.


FAUG Game (Fearless And United Guard) is the best alternate for PUB-G. This is a survival game. It is similar to a pub-g. It will be launched by Akshay Kumar in Oct 2020. The features of Fauji is just like PUB-G. It’s a great new for PUBG lover. This game is compatible with Android and ios platforms.

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