Google’s Launch Fundo App Gives Creators And Fans A New Way To Connect

Google Unveils Fundo for Monetizing Video Events

Google the world famous company has provided a new virtual platform for users called Fundo app that will help the community perform  face-to-face video chats, live and interactive via an end-to-end platform, etc.

Google’s in-house incubator of products with an area of 120 for experimental projects, the platform is now available for all creators in the US and Canada, with more locations coming soon.

“Fundo also gives creators new monetization options to help them in what they do. Event hosts are in control of ticket prices and offer discounts, including free events if preferred.

Some users who are using YouTube channel memberships offer Fundo ‘Meet & Greets’ exclusively to channel members as a premium perk.

Google said – ‘With the YouTube creators and their fans, they are seeing fitness instructors, authors, business and lifestyle consultants, and others use Fundo to find new ways to connect’.

Fans can know about events happening on Fundo via the home page, or through links shared directly by their favorite creators.

“Safety is a top priority. Because Fundo checks everyone’s ticket, there’s no risk of uninvited guests. It also has reporting and flagging features to curtail abuse,” Google said.

Some Facts About Fundo App

Below are some more amazing facts about the app which make it best.

One end-to-end platform

Virtual events, especially ticketed experiences, can be a big concern. From scheduling to sign-ups, payment processing, communication and live streaming, there’s a lot to manage. Fundo makes it simple by providing a single end-to-end solution. Event organiser and their guests can do everything within the Fundo website, with no apps or additional software downloads required.

Brandon Rogers on Fundo

Fans can watch events happening on Fundo through our home page, or through links shared directly by their favorite creators. You choose an event, answer a few questions, complete the ticket purchase and you’re all set. Fundo will provide the event link and send reminders up until the start time, as well as technical support if needed. 

Customized experiences

No two creators are the same, and no two audiences are the same. That’s why Fundo offers different types of experiences that can be adapted and customized. Creators can schedule an event in advance, or let fans request a time. They can meet one-on-one or in groups. They can invite co-hosts or take the stage solo.


This is not trivial. This is an important feature that will impact actual businesses in a positive way. Restaurants that are hurting for business can set up a daily cooking class as a side business.

Once the classes are on demand they can cross-promote local farms and markets for ingredients as well as use the events to encourage people to patronize the restaurant.

Creators sign up

Official Announcement

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