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Top tools to become a Devops Engineer
Written by Christina Jones

DevOps is not about software and tools. It represents a real co-working with various teams from different specialties. Like that, they can provide a high-quality engineering level. The end-user means everything for a DevOps engineer. They need to handle the top quality of their projects. The next technologies are the secret behind any DevOps engineer. The next main factors are the main skills each developer needs to master for ensuring a successful career. The main tools to become a devops engineer are listed and explained below.

  • Containers
  • Managing containers with orchestration
  • Development practices
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

If you want to distribute the application in an effective way then these tools have to become a real must in your working space. These tools are not just for the production phase. Indeed they can be used in the development process too. In the next lines, you will have a deep look at how to succeed in your missions as a DevOps engineer.

Why Devops is very crucial today?

DevOps is about the culture of development. DevOps engineers are often needed to develop the quality of the software. They can work on your app from scratch until the production phase. This is the only way how they can ensure to deliver high-quality products for clients. In other words, DevOps is all about the quality of engineering in the world of development.

Below, we can find the main tools used in DevOps. You can learn them and start shipping high-quality software. Reliability and effectiveness will be ensured simply by using the top tools.


Containerization has been one of the tools to become a devops engineer in the world today. No one can deny that containers have been present in the technology world since 1979 in Linux. Based on such technology, Docker created the containerization platform in 2013. Like that, the democratization of containers reached whole the world. Now, developers and giant tech companies saw the light why they need to build their apps and run it using containers.

Containers can easily be used in testing the code. This is while using a virtual machine. Try to understand the next component before digging deep into the field of containerization.

In the traditional way, you need an operating system that can requires a license. Besides, if you do not use the containerization, the company will need many physical and logical resources to run the app.

As you can see the virtual machines take a huge amount of time when it comes to hosting the app. The container comes to solve these kinds of problems. They are much optimized and very speedy concerning performance. The key main difference between a container and a virtual machine is the speed. Today, Docker is the top leader in the world of containerization. This is thanks to the open-source register which holds plenty of premade official and unofficial images for your projects.


If you want to scale the app across many locations then you need to use the notion of orchestration. Using this technology will make you avoid the redundancy and do one job for the entire project.

Orchestration is all about scaling containers. It also shapes the reliability and scheduling of the containers. For instance, if you are using 4 containers for your app and suddenly one of them is broken down then orchestration will detect which one is failing. As a result, it will create a new one without any problems.


Development is also a crucial pillar to become a DevOps engineer. You do not have to write code for giant companies or develop a giant application to call yourself a developer. All that you have to do is having a sense of logic and follow a technology that you love in programming. In addition, try to learn how to write automation code. Like that, you can deliver your app faster.

If you want to create 50 virtual machines, you may think that it will need a huge amount of time. This is not the case of a DevOps engineer for sure. You can smoothly make it happen using a scripting and programming languages in the dev op space. PowerShell and Python are among the top choices nowadays. Almost the majority of platforms have the SDK dedicated to python. For example, AWS and Microsoft azure have the best interaction with their service using python. Python is just an example, you can use other technologies in the market today. Especially that companies today are digging deep to make their technologies compliant with containerization standards today.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CICD)
Continuous Integration

CI is the possibility to store the source control in one location. It can be used for testing and building. After the building of the code, you can use it as a library or what we call an artifact. It represents a collection of code that can be used in the next deployment phase.

Continuous Delivery

On the other hand, the CD is the deployment step. It allows you to test the code existing in the artifact. Like that, the delivery of the code can be done in an autonomic way. In other words, it can be deployed to any experiment each time you want.

The CICD process is the main key to containerization. You can certainly minimize a huge amount of time, money, and effort using such technology. For instance, you can repeat the process of CD as much as you need per day in an automatic way.


We can confirm for you that being a successful DevOps engineer always relies on experience. You have to cover both sides, theory one, and practical ones. Putting these top tools to become a devops engineer in consideration, you can grab a bunch of skills. As a result, the DevOps engineer status you hold will become more valuable in the market of work. Try to start with the main tools that we have mentioned and the next will come with time and experience.

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