Top 10  Free Escape Games for Android

Top 10  Free Escape Games for Android


Everyone nowadays is aware of escape games; it was virtual escape room games that everyone played at some point in their lives, and since the new concept of live escape rooms has emerged, escape games have become popular.

Children enjoy playing mobile games; the new generation is so addicted to technology that they spend most of their time playing mobile games. You’ve probably played games like snake and ladder, ludo, car racing, adventure games like Mario, princess dressing games, and so on. The game has become so popular that numerous themes and types of escape games are available on Android. In them, you must escape from a room or space in which you are trapped. You must use your best abilities to accomplish this.   

Whether played online or in person, escape games can improve  communication, project execution, solving problems, and dealing with significant challenges. There is a wide choice of this type of game available in the Play Store presently. Some suggestions are provided below; if you enjoy this genre, you will find them the most intriguing games.   

1. Escape game 50 room 1- 

The brand provides a traditional gaming experience in which you must solve various riddles, with 50 new variations of rooms that allow you to continuously monitor, make judgments, and calculate until you escape the space.  

2. Can you escape the 100-room xv- 

Can you run is a classic puzzle game with many challenges that will stretch your brain. There are 15 levels in total, with each group requiring you to solve multiple puzzles to escape the room. The game does not have 100 rooms, as the name suggests; however, 50 challenging puzzles may take your breath away. You are a detective who has been imprisoned and requires assistance to escape.   

3. One hundred doors challenge- 

The main goal of the 100 Doors Challenge is to get out of the room. Using all of the device’s capabilities, you must open every 100 doors and move the lift to the next floor.  Find hidden items, solve riddles, and use provided clues . To escape, you must solve all of the puzzles. 

4. Adventure escape mysteries- 

Experience Adventure Escape Mysteries- This escape room is a gripping escape game with original puzzles and critically praised storylines that hundreds of millions of players have loved. Investigate mysteries, solve puzzles, and understand cryptic clues in richly illustrated adventures. There are other aspects to Adventure Escape Mysteries besides puzzles. As the protagonist, you set out on various detective missions, looking for and learning the hints necessary to unravel all the mysteries.  

5. Prison escape- 

In the number one open-world escape game with a jail theme, implement your escape strategy step by step and escape to establish your innocence. The story, animation, graphics used, and action are all awe-inspiring.  

6. Escape room mystery word- 

This is the most innovative and exciting escape game ever featuring puzzle gameplay. You are imprisoned in an unfamiliar room; to get out, you must continually observe, evaluate, make assumptions, and draw conclusions. The key to an escape room is a passcode concealed in a room with various patterns. It’s a lot of fun to solve the riddle. And there are numerous levels with varying degrees of difficulty. 

7. The birdcage- 

The protagonist of the tale is a King who, while rock climbing, tragically lost his young son. The ocean-colored birds that lived in their realm, which his son loved the most, are locked away. He snatched the wind from the sky by doing this. Release the birds, then let the wind blow again. 

Get ready for simple touch controls, mechanical puzzles, and creative problem-solving. You must use your room escape skills to complete this puzzle game.  

8. One hundred doors escape room-

A very outstanding game in the 100 Doors and Escape the Room genre, the 100 Doors Adventure Puzzle lets you unlock the mystery of Lord Kelly’s Manor, uncover diabolical betrayal, and discover the meaning of true love. With the newly released 100 Doors Games, you can find hidden things, solve puzzles, and complete an escape room.  

9. Escape game 100 worlds- 

This brand-new 100 Worlds – Escape Room Game invites you to journey with Mya on an epic experience across fantastical worlds populated by magical beings, imaginary artifacts, and otherworldly monsters. Assist her in discovering a way out of the magic book by using your reasoning to overcome obstacles and help her solve various riddles and puzzles. To avoid purchasing, build up your points by passing each level because the game’s aesthetics are so captivating, and it gets more complex as the levels rise. 

Patience is a virtue that is rewarded in this game as well; discover a way out of the magic book by using your reasoning to overcome obstacles and help her solve a variety of riddles and puzzles. In order to avoid purchasing, build up your points by passing each level because the game’s aesthetics are so captivating, and it gets harder as the levels rise. Patience is a virtue that is rewarded in this game as well.  

10. Escape room uncharted Myth- 

With unlimited levels filled with themes ranging from fantasy, mystery, and detective thriller to fiction, the escape game Uncharted Myth allows you to explore a world you’ve never seen before, experience a story you’ve never heard of, and experience unforgettable twists and turns. You can test and raise your IQ while enjoying yourself and the excitement. 


Enjoy these games without cost, and let us know what you think of them. People of all ages can play these escape games on Android, which are all very well-liked.

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