Alexa - The Best Child Care

You never knew you had Alexa – The Best Child Care

For parents with children of all ages, Alexa device is a fantastic resource. Alexa can help make parenting a bit easier, ranging from bedtime to household supplies, to free speech therapy.

You can become a better parent by five ways with Alexa:

1. Create a nighttime routine with Alexa 

All sleep specialists will agree to ensure a better night’s sleep for your child through a consistent bedtime routine. After following the step by step guide to setup the Alexa device, you can now enjoy a hassle-free experience. As well as all parents would agree with it that your children have a better night of sleep= a better night of sleep for you. You can keep your ritual of bedtime on night after night with an Alexa routine. So even a new nanny can rightly do it.


  • Launch Alexa application and click on the menu option.
  • Now, Click on Routines.
  • Click on add routine option.
  • Enter the voice control to start your routine at night.
  • Add some of the features you mostly rely on to prepare your child for bed, Such as:
  • Dim lights in Peter’s Room
  • Play “Peter’s Sleep Playlist” on Spotify for 5 minutes
  • Play “White Noise” from Spotify
  • Turn off lights in Peter’s Room

Pro Tips

Tip #1: The moment Netflix starts if the bedtime routine stops. To toggle on Netflix, use your Fire TV stick by pressing the top of the microphone button, and say “Alexa, open Netflix!”

Tip #2: Update your Alexa settings to link your favorite music service account (like Spotify) to Alexa if you haven’t already done so.

2. Obtain speech therapy

Children aged 2 to 4 years can develop a language their parents can understand. Aunty, uncles and grandparents are often going to ask you to decipher what your kids are saying. Children must speak quite clearly with Alexa to get their desired answer.


Let your kids check the music for the night, watch a cartoon or hear a story,  talk with pikachu via pikachu talk app, all of them by asking Alexa for it themselves. The more practical they do, the more clear diction they work. When the grandparents come next to visit, they will both be impressed by the improved pronunciation of their grandchildren and their taste for music.

3. Maintain your stock of supply

What about children that you have to stock on diapers, clothes, sanitizer for hands, sunscreen, batteries, yo-yo’s etc. Twice a day in your local convenience store?

You will not be left without essentials again, use Alexa to hold your supplies in stock. You can rearrange diapers, wipes and other home items through your Alexa.


Say, “Alexa, order diapers.” Alexa processes the picking for the diapers you have last ordered automatically. You can also add things to the Alexa device purchasing list and check them on and Alexa later. So if your child’s meltdown is because his favourite toy can’t be found, that’s Alexa’s problem.

Pro Tips

Alexa voice buying can easily be set up in the Alexa app. A 4-digit voice code can even be added to confirm purchases and payments by Amazon if you want.

4. Begin a party of dance

You’ve read all the books in your house, a cold, rainy afternoon when you can’t get in the park, and it looks like you will never make it go to bed. Amazon Music has playlists for all ages from Nursery Rhyme Party Time to Disney Junior.


Just ask Alexa to play an Amazon Music or Spotify children’s playlist, and Alexa will be your sunshine on the day that’s cloudy.

Pro Tips

Tip #1: You must activate the animal workout skill and your children can play their favorite game of the so-called animal house, when children are out of dance.

Tip #2: Once your kids have ruined their entertainment room enough, Alexa device will play the song Clean Up.

5. Homework help

Alexa has many skills in helping with homework. So regardless of the grade in which your child is, you will never be stumbled to help them again with their homework. Our preferred skill is the skill in Translating, which translates from English into 37 other languages. Additional excellent materials include – Smart Dictionary, Quizlet Study Flashcards skill and Awesome SAT skill.

How? Search for the Alexa App’s (or Amazon’s) skills and choosing “Enable.” Then, “Alexa, open Smart Dictionary” will help you easily open the skill on any of your Alexa devices.

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