Top 7 Best Coding Challenge Websites

Every coder wants to be one of the best coders. But how one be called the best coder? Let’s understand this with an example, suppose there is a guy who wants to become the best racer. Can he become a racer just by practicing? No, he needs to prove it by competing and performing better than other competitors. Similar is the case to become the finest coder. You have to compete and prove your self. So in this blog, we have a list of “Best Coding Challenge Websites”.

The coding competition provides you the opportunity to understand your skills and proficiency and allow you to compare yourself with other coders. Apart from these, it provides you the following benefits:

  • Scholarship
  • Prizes
  • Jobs
  • Internships

Best Coding Challenge Websites

Below is the list of some of the top coding challenge websites:


TopCoder is one of the best platforms for an online programming contest. In this, anyone all over the world can participate and compete. It has 4 major segments and they are as follows:

  1. Design – It deals with UI/UX/CX design and informational architecture.
  2. Development – It seeks into code, bug bash, quality assurance, first to finish, and UI prototype challenge.
  3. Data Science – It is also known as data science first to finish, Marathon match, Ideation, and data visualization.
  4. Competition Programming – It revolves around the single round matches that offer weekly task at some specific time. 

Below is the list of some major stats of top coder community:

  • They have 5 times more engineers compared to the combined engineer of Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft.
  • Conduct 1400+ around crowdsourcing challenges per quarter.
  • It has around 1.5M members in over 190 countries.
  • 1800 new members join this community per week.

Project Euler

Project Euler is the collection of mathematical problems. This is the best challenging website for users who are interested in solving the mathematical problem by programming. This is ranged in difficulty, it is not as easy as walking in a park. It has an amazing feature of archived problems and news. The best part of it is that it does not have any built-in code editor or solution checker. So you can download an IDE and code on it. Solving such problems will help you to develop your skills that will be indispensable as a programmer.


It is one of the top competitive programming challenges where one needs to solve the problem with some specifications. In this, you can solve the problem in any of the languages such as Java, C, python, etc. It also provides you various computer science domains such as machine learning, Algorithm, and artificial intelligence to solve the problems. By solving the problem you earn badges and these badges are added you your profile. 

Following is the list of the contest hosted by HackerRank:

  • 101 Hack
  • Hour Rank
  • Week of code
  • Ad infinitum
  • Machine learning contest
  • Domain-specific contest
  • Company contests
  • World CodeSprint


CodeChef is the best platform for competition programming that offers various contests for aspiring programmers to practice and sharpen their programming skills. It conducts the programming competition at every start of the month and 2 small programming contests in the middle of the month. You can solve the problem in 55+ programming languages including C, Java, etc. 

Following are the features of CodeChef website:

  • Practice
  • Compete
  • Discuss
  • Host contest
  • Campus chapter


CodeWars is an amazing platform where users work together to create a challenge. It has two groups one is the creators who authorize and solve Kata and the other are leaders who moderate the community and content. The CodeWars have a user-friendly interface with unique ways of presenting the challenges. 

Following are the categories of the CodeWars:

  • Kata (coding practices)
  • Kumite (1vs1 challenge)
  • Forum
  • Wiki


Exercism can be explained in one line that is “Code Practise And Mentorship For Everyone”. It consists of 3,173 exercises across 51 languages. With the help of this website, you can increase your programming skills and insightful discussion with their dedicated team. This allows the user to choose their preferred language to solve the problem. The best fact about it is that it has human mentors to check your code. This is the perfect platform for beginners. 

The key features of the website are as follows:

  • Language track
  • Personal mentoring
  • Practice mode


CoderByte consists of 200+ coding challenges which can be solved directly online in 10 different programming languages. It ranges from easy to hard. It is a collection of introductory videos, algorithm tutorials, and interview preparation courses. In this apart from the code byte solution, you can also view the solution uploaded by other coders.


The above top 7 best coding challenge websites are a great source of knowledge. These websites will not only help you in coding, algorithm, mathematics, problem-solving but will also help you to prepare for an interview. The competition will boost your confidence.

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