Ultimate Guide on Benefits of Magento development services

Ultimate Guide on Benefits of Magento development services

The Magento platform is always the best choice for eCommerce store development. An eCommerce store is ruling over the digital market. Magento is the best choice for an eCommerce platform because it provides features and functionalities that are out of the box.

Magento has many benefits that we are going to discuss later in this blog. You can hire a Magento development company if you want to develop a realistic and scalable eCommerce store.

Magento has three Editions that give benefits to different eCommerce platforms. The three editions of Magento are Magento Community Edition, Magento Enterprise Edition, and Magento Commerce Cloud Edition. Among these three, Magento Community Edition is a free version, and it can be used for developing startups or small businesses. The other two are paid versions that can be used by large-sized firms with multiple numbers of products and features.

Here are more benefits of Magento development services. 

Benefits of Magento development services

  • Improved speed
  • Advanced SEO features
  • Code reusability
  • Profitable extensions
  • Choose the suitable Magento hosting services
  • Integration services
  • QA services
  • Theme customisation
  • Responsive design

Improved speed

Based on research about online retail shop performance and speed, around a 100-millisecond delay occurs a website load time can decrease your conversion rate by 7 per cent. Therefore, speed becomes an essential part when it comes to the Magento development services.

Once you deploy Magento for your eCommerce store, it will be in default mode. You can use this default mode to test and configure your Magento store. It would help if you switched to production mode after making your eCommerce store accessible to customers. Production mode can be optimised to provide better performance of the eCommerce website. If you properly utilise the production mode, it can give you the most user experience.

Advanced SEO feature

Your Magento-based eCommerce website should rank in a top list within the search engine to reach more customers worldwide. In addition, the Magento platform can offer advanced SEO features to your business that can enhance your business ranking in search engines. Some of the essential features of Magento are:

  • Rich snippets – The data can be pulled from the structured data present in the HTML of a particular website when a search query is executed in Google. The data that is pulled is displayed at the top of the relevant result.
  • Auto-generated meta tags – To decrease the burden of an SEO expert, Magento 2 has added some new features that can add metadata for products. You can construct this under the product fields. This feature decreases the SEO effort for a big eCommerce store that has a comprehensive product list.
  • XML sitemap – Images can be used to generate traffic to your eCommerce website. Adding pictures to your sitemap is a bit essential when a search bot goes through the website. Magento 2 adds images automatically to the sitemap that enable your website to rank among the top list in the search list.

Code reusability

It is the best practice to reuse the code and avoid repeated and similar code. You can separate the code based on the functionalities, features and store it as a logical unit to improve the code reusability. By performing this, your Magento website is easy to maintain from the development side.

Users can use that code to develop any functionality or themes if you create it by keeping a universal solution in mind.

Profitable extensions

Most of the eCommerce business deals with funds and requires real-time inventory Magento solutions. It is tiresome work to manage carts and orders in large eCommerce stores that have to deal with large product categories. Extensions in Magento can help you to identify and solve their requirements. Magento has many extensions that can help you enhance your online store’s performance with just one-click installation.

Choose the suitable Magento hosting services.

The hosting service you select for your Magento must be reliable and can provide enough support to you and your business during essential needs. Therefore, you must always prioritise considering these factors before selecting hosting Magento hosting services.

  • Scalability – Acceptable resources to handle the current situation are not enough for your website. You won’t have any idea of when server damage will occur due to a lack of resources. This can happen regularly in eCommerce stores that handle seasonal sales. Fast server extensibility will save your eCommerce stores from such unexpected situations.
  • Dedicated support – Neglecting frustrating situations where you urgently require customer support from your hosting provider to solve the server error. Select a host service provider that provides you services and supports 24/7 with highly skilled professionals to solve your problem urgently.
  • Server uptime and response time – These major two factors are responsible for your customer to experience faster load time once they arrive in your Magento eCommerce store. Select the hosting service provider that guarantees server uptime and has a fast response time to enhance the user experience.

Integration services

Unlock limitless possibilities by integrating your Magento website with Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management software. As a result, you can reduce the manual effort involved in entering the details of all customer’s activities and enhance productivity. In addition, your Magento store will have plenty of integration options to automate the repetitive manual operation and exchange them with excellent customer services.

QA services

The Magento eCommerce store owner must ensure the website’s proper functioning through the whole lifecycle of the eCommerce store. Quality assurance is of primary importance to any online store. Hire dedicated Magento developer, know the problems and fix them with a QA service provider. It is essential to monitor the quality of the development process through multiple QA testing like:

  • End to end application testing
  • Performance testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Automation testing
  • Integration testing
  • Payment gateway analysis
  • Regression testing

Theme customisations

Customisations are the best practice that can provide comfort to any online eCommerce store owner who can select, modify and delete any specific features required in their business. The factors responsible for achieving perfect customisations include the nature of your business, the size of your business, and the customer base. Such customisations can be achieved through Magento themes available for any business that is free or paid for Magento product design themes.

Responsive design 

A website with an attractive and responsive design tends to lose trust from about 94% of website visitors. According to a study, a website specially designed for mobile phones has been considered a 62% increase in sales. In today’s time, the need for responsive design has forced Magento to prioritise this need for every eCommerce store. The Magento product design must be unique as well as responsive. The unique and responsive design will develop an opportunity for better SEO rankings, quality content, and increased traffic value.


An eCommerce platform is a must nowadays for online buying and purchasing of products. A successfully working Magento eCommerce store is a dream for many online business owners. As mentioned and explained above, Magento development services have many benefits that can develop a flawless eCommerce store.
You can hire a Magento development company to develop your Magento eCommerce store. I hope you understand the benefits of Magento by going through this blog and get an idea of Magento.

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