Smart TV App Development: How to Create, Development Cost & Key Features

Smart TV App Development: How to Create, Development Cost & Key Features

We all know how rapidly the streaming marketspace is growing. In fact, technologies like 5G infrastructure, mobile and SmartTv are fuelling the growth day by day. 

And, now that we have mentioned Smart TVs, you all know its role in the streaming industry, right?

You don’t believe us? 

Well, the market size of smart TV infrastructure is expected to grow from 44.54 billion USD in 2021 to 139.0 USD billion in 2028. Moreover, it is about to expand at a CAGR of 17.7%.

What Are Smart TV Apps? 

This term might be new to you, but we are sure you have seen it before. 

Smart TV apps are another operating system that allows us to install apps and view digital content easily.

Besides, who would prefer to see things in mobiles and laptops when you can do it on such a big screen. 

Users can just install apps they like from the marketspace of TV. 

Some of the Smart TV App Development trending nowadays are, Samsung TVs  Apple TV,  LG TV, Fire TV, Android TV, and Sony. These Smart Tvs are ruling the online TV industries.

Trending Smart TV apps: 

  • Samsung Smart TV App Development: 

Tizen TV is the world’s largest television streaming app development platform. The company has been serving since 2005. 

Besides, it currently holds 15 years worth of success with their services. 

Infact, it is primarily due to being able to use Tizen Studio for installation on Windows or macOS computers as well as an Ubuntu operating system.

  • Amazon Fire TV App Development:

There is no doubt that the OTT app development market is growing rapidly every year. And, companies like Amazon Fire TV are here to through eddiging battle. 

The company is determined to provide users with the best experience, no matter what. So, why this platform. 

Well, with Amazon Fire TV you can design an Amazon Fire app. You can do this through TV app developers and reach a broader audience. 

  • LG Smart TV Application Development:

Imagine a Smart TV app that is both functional and well designed. 

One in which the resolution, viewing environment or even navigation was considered while developing for your customers’ needs. 

This can only be done at LG Web OS apps.

The platform is developed with customer discovery as its main objective. 

They make sure their UX (user experience) remains clear so you don’t get lost among other streaming services available on the market today!

  • Apple TV App Development:

Apple TV offers a new way for businesses to work with their customers on the go. With this device, you can create client-server based apps that are designed specifically for Apple TVs and provide unique multiplayer features unlike anything else out there!

The app is helpful when a client offers other services from Apple, especially iTune. If you are opting for Apple TV, your users can enjoy playing games on tvOS. Apart from that, you can enjoy movie nights, use facebook, instagram and other social media apps, etc. 

Benefits Of Launching A Smart TV App:

Smart TV apps give television users the freedom to transmit web content on their screen. They can use TV specific features. 

Besides, It provides developers with a wide range of scope and opportunities. 

Smart TV apps that are customized well, makes connecting, searching and viewing on TV as well as switching to mobile quite easy. 

Key Criterions To Look Upon Before Developing A Smart TV Application:

  • Research The Market Place Of Your Targeted Customers:

You have to study their needs, interests and desires. Only then can you develop a product that they will be going to buy. So, the first step is to gather data from your target customers. 

  • Impact Of Screen Resolutions In Device Sizes:

You have to consider the display hardware of the customers. It is important to offer them service on different devices depending upon their screen sizes. For example, if you are looking forward to catering to consumers who have Apple TV, then your app must be retina compatible.

  • Difference In Remote Control Functionality:

Different devices come with different remote controls. So, you have to take the hardware into consideration before developing a TV app. Consider how your users will interact with your product and what kind of interface is best.

  • Make It Smoothly Navigational:

Design an interface that enables the users to have a smooth navigation. It should be able to create a smooth experience, even when they are going through thousands of items. Also, offer them faster and easy access to all their favorite shows and movies.

  • Consider The Authentication Process:

Some TV devices require users to sign in with their accounts before continuing with the app. So, you have to get the process right by creating an easy-to-use interface for users to get past this step.

  • Obvious Focus In Essential Indicators:

The design process should be based on the essential indicators, such as resolution, aspect ratio and screen resolution. You can easily understand these things by studying your target consumers.

  • Optimize The Size Of The Application:

Your application must be optimized for different devices in order to cater everyone across the globe. Get in touch with us at TV App Developers and let us know the size of your application and we will surely launch it across all TVs.

Key Features To Consider While Creating Smart TV App:

  • Make It User-Centric:

Design an application that is user-friendly. Make sure your customers can easily use it without any interruption. Offer them features that they will love to use.

  • Contrast Viewing Experience:

The design process should take into consideration the viewing experience of the users. The contrast should be appropriate for different types of screens and make sure it doesn’t strain the eyes of the users.

  • Video Compression:

Offer your customers with HD quality videos. If you are not able to do so, consider offering them with video compression tools that will only enhance the viewing experience.

  • Enable Location Tracking:

Track user location if they are looking forward to renting a movie or watch their TV shows. By doing so, you can offer them with better-relevant content and help them connect faster.

  • Smart Recommendation Serves More Than One Purpose:

It should be able to help users discover new things. It can also enable them to connect with their friends, share it on social media platforms and rate specific items. 

  • Be Prepared For The Future Updates And Changes:

You have to stay prepared for future updates and changes because Smart TVs are getting smarter every day. 

  • Integrated Media Player Is The Key:

Offer your users a built-in media player that can help them play their videos and audios. Besides, the device should also provide users with easy access to all their favorite music, movies and TV shows.

  • Remote Control Compatibility Catches Attention:

Provide your customers with a remote control that they can easily use to navigate the TV app. That will help them avoid any complications and give them a better experience.

  • Offer Users With A Faster Access:

The design should be such that users do not have to face hurdles while accessing it. It should offer faster access and make sure that the data is updated frequently.

  • Security Is The Main Foundation :

Security must be the main foundation of any TV app. You have to encrypt the data and protect the privacy of your users at all costs.

  • Organize Contents By Segmenting It Into Categories:

Organize the contents by segmenting it into categories. Users must have an easy time accessing a particular category and offer them a better browsing experience.

  • Customization Is The Key:

You must give your users the authority to customize the application according to their needs and preferences. Allow them to set up shortcuts, font sizes, etc. as per their requirements,

  • Develop An In-House Database:

You must have an in-house database that can help you offer personalized content based on the user’s activity and preferences. It will make sure your TV app is offering exclusive content all the time. Get in touch with us at TV App Developers and let us know more about your requirements. We will surely launch your TV application across all Smart TVs and help you connect with your target viewers within no time.

  • Procure Reviews And Ratings From Your Customers:

Users must be encouraged to leave their reviews and ratings about the application. You can also launch contests to make them do so. It will help you understand how they are using it, give them exclusive content and help develop a better relationship with them in the long run.

  • Voice Searches Turn Best Of All:

One of the best features that can help you increase conversions and enable your customers to search for content using their voice is to offer them with a voice search.

Cost To Build A Smart TV App:

There are many factors on which the cost of development depends. We have mentioned some of the major factors affecting the cost below: 

  1. The device for which you are making the app compatible.
  2. Amount of customization you are willing to do. 
  3. Hosting factors.
  4. Security Stack infrastructure development.
  5. In the end, white Labeling of smart devices.

In the end, all we would like to say is that Smart TVs’ market space is growing and will continue to grow in the upcoming years. 

So, if you are really into developing an app you have to get started immediately. Plan to customize your app and use updated technologies. If you put your best, you can really excel in it.

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