The Ultimate Video Making Guideline for Beginners

Ultimate Video Making Guideline for Beginners

In recent years, YouTube has become increasingly popular. Various types of videos and channels have also appeared on the Internet, and their viewing volume has overwhelmed traditional media, which has also made these film creators. Get more profit opportunities, like jobs, endorsements, affiliates, etc. therefore, YouTuber has become an emerging career which most people want to be.

In addition, many companies, startups, or traditional media also hope to catch up with this wave of social media film and television and produce various types of films as channels for marketing, promotion, and sharing of ideas.  

This article will share the essential guidelines for you who want to step into the Youtube circle, or you who want to learn more video editing skills can quickly discover the knowledge and concepts you should have.

5 critical steps for making your videos

If you want to make a high-standard and good movie, you usually go through the following steps:

1. Make the script

In the early stage of planning, we began to conceive the story content, presentation method, and transformation of the entire film; secondly, it includes preparing the required materials, materials, props, scenes, characters, and even the narration and dialogue video need.

An influential or valuable film often spends more than 50% of the time in the production process in the production of scripts and pre-planning; however, of course, if you only want to make a pure life record or a funny film, maybe you don’t even need to make a script.

It is highly recommend that novices do not initially make too complex scripts or themes and do not excessively demand the work itself. Otherwise, it will be challenging to learn the basics, quickly affecting your continued enthusiasm.

2. Shooting

After having the script, relevant information, and preparation before shooting, the next step is to enter the photography and shooting stage officially. It is better for novices do not to buy an expensive camera at the beginning. The primary purpose of beginners is to have the resources at hand. Mobile phones, second-hand GoPro, etc., can be directly used for shooting and collecting materials.

In the practice of shooting, novices can usually go online to see some photography teaching and learn about various techniques of mirroring. You can also use your creativity to shoot a variety of different styles, transitions, etc. After all, photography is also a kind of creation. You don’t need to be too limited to yourself. The primary purpose is to shoot the material and presentation method you need for the video.

3. Editing

After you have the material and image files, you can first classify the files on your computer or hard disk so that you can use them in the future;

Application program; the purpose is first to learn the concept of film editing and understand the basic framework and application. After the classification is completed, you can try some free editing software (or even a mobile app) to try out silhouettes. It is not recommended that you use powerful paid software initially.

Most editing software looks very similar, so it’s easy to change to a more professional and prestigious one if you learn any of them.

4. Post-production

Post-positioning is usually the steps of adjusting and optimizing the video after the editing is completed, such as adding subtitles, inserting transition animations, character cards or materials, changing the size of the background music, etc., and rechecking the length of the actual video. You can think about whether to delete some fragments, etc. The purpose is to make the movie easier to make people watch comfortable, watch the entire video, and achieve a finishing effect.

5. Export & upload

When the movie editing is complete, it’s time to export. Usually, you can choose the type of output file, image quality, etc., for output. After the production is complete, you can upload it to the platform where you want to upload the video.

Four more steps to get your video more clicks

A. The production of YouTube thumbnails

Making an eye-catching thumbnail cover can help the video have more chances to be clicked.

B. The title, description, and Tag of the movie:

If you don’t just want to watch your video by yourself but want to be seen by more people, this will be very important. For example, the search algorithm of YouTube is similar to that of Google. You may need to go to Google Trends or other search keyword search tools to help you write titles, descriptions, and tags to increase your chances of being search and rankings.

C. subtitles

Some people choose to add CC subtitles after uploading a video on the YouTube platform. CC subtitles are use to turn on/off subtitles on the YouTube platform.

D. Publicity

After the upload is complete, you can promote it through your Facebook, IG, and other social media, or promote the video to clubs or forums that may be need, such as a video that teaches people how to play basketball. It can be share with basketball teaching clubs, etc., to increase potential traffic.

Final words

Although each creator’s styles of films are different, the processes mentioned above may also be save. However, in principle, to produce a complete video, it is usually necessary to pass the above 5 steps to create a more realistic film. Value film

In addition, if software like FinalCut is too tricky for you or doesn’t need complicated editing, It’s also recommend that everyone use it online, and the reasonably simple video editing software FlexClip is very suitable for no editing foundation. Novices, plus they have many various templates and background music without worrying about copyrights can be use, which is very helpful for you who are just learning to edit. If you want to start to edit your video, just try the FlexClip video editor.

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