For full accuracy convert your OST files into MBOX format

convert your ost files into mbox format

Users can now convert their OST files to MBOX format with full accuracy using this finely designed Softaken OST to MBOX Converter. This is a professionally tested app that a user can use to convert their OST files so users can always get satisfactory results. The app enhances the effect of healthy conversion at all times and provides a secure and secure platform for all users.

Steps to convert your OST files professionally

Steps to convert your OST files into Thunderbird MBOX format and users should follow a few simple and easy steps.

  1. Download this amazing Softaken OST to PST Converter on your system
  2. Now, launch the app on your systemStep 3- Insert the OST files you want to convert to MBOX format
  3. Preview and scan those selected filesStep 5- Enter the location where you want to save the converted OST files
  4. Complete the steps by clicking on the “Convert Now” button

The above steps can be easily carried out and trusted by any user without having to deal with many problems. However, users do not need any kind of technical assistance to convert their OST files to Thunderbird MBOX format. Therefore, novice users are able to convert their OST files.

Reasons to choose this amazing app

The reasons for choosing this application to convert OST files to MBOX format are:

  • More email customer support
  • Provides 100% accurate results
  • Easy to use
  • Can be easily handled
  • A great platform to be used by any users
  • flexible tool to be used

Key features of the app

Key features of the application that play a major role in converting OST files to MBOX format are:

• B ulk conversion of OST files:- Users can convert large amounts of OST files into MBOX format as the app supports the conversion of bulk OST files. In addition, this feature saves a lot of time for users. Besides bulk conversion, users can also select one OST file to convert it to MBOX format.

• Healthy transformation:- A healthy result is given to users at all times. Maintaining the accuracy and integrity of file users are able to obtain accuracy. The app promotes the healthy conversion of its OST files to MBOX format.

• Easy saving:- Users can store OST converted files anywhere they want to save them. The app promotes easy saving of converted OST files.

Brief information about the application

Using this amazing OST for users of the MBOX Converter application they can convert OST files efficiently and effortlessly. There are no obligations for users when converting OST files to MBOX format. In addition, users are not required to install MS Outlook to convert OST files into MBOX format. Users can modify their files using this amazing app. Application compatibility is amazing so users can use this amazing tool in any Windows Operating System. No error was found by users while converting OST files to MBOX format. Users can easily modify OST files selectively. No system changes were made during the entire conversion process. Without it, the app does not support corrupt OST file data. Users can freely convert any number of OST files into MBOX format. This application is a professionally tested application that will be used by any user.

Manual conversion method

By manually converting your OST files to MBOX format users have to go through two different sections. These sections are:

Firstly, OST files are to be convert to the PST format

  1. Click on the Existing “Files” tab in the top corner and select the “Open & Export” option from it
  2. Now select the “Import and Export” option.
  3. Select the Export to file option and right-click on the next button.
  4. Next, go to the second option and click on Outlook Data File (.pst) and press the Next button.
  5. Select your extractable folder and click on the “Next” button.
  6. Save the new PST file to the desired location

Now, convert PST files to MBOX format

  1. To convert your PST files into an MBOX format users must download Mozilla Thunderbird on their system.
  2. After completing the installation process, launch and open the Thunderbird application.
  3. Now, from the file menu click on the “Import” option.
  4. Next, import the PST files you want to convert to MBOX.

All selected PST files will be convert to MBOX format successfully using the manual method.

Why not choose a manual approach?

Users should not choose the manual method of converting their OST to MBOX for the following reasons:

  • You must install MS Outlook and Thunderbird tool
  • Compliance problems are face
  • Quick result not provided
  • Many obstacles are face by the novice users

Final Statement

Using this amazing app users are able to get instant results. In addition, a free demo version of the tool is also provided. This demo version allows users to convert a small number of OST files. Alternatively, if users are satisfy with the app demo version, then they can purchase the licensed version of the app. However, it is recommend that you should purchase the licensed version of the tool after trying the demo type. If users face any obstacle or have a problem, they can contact the in-app customer support service which is available for 24 * 7 hours.

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