What is image optimization and why it is important for website

What is image optimization and why it is important for website?

You all know that if we want to rank our website we need to optimize the image but doing anything without know about it is not right. So, In this blog, I will provide you some basic knowledge about optimizing an image. So let’s start with the Definition.

What Is Image Optimization?

It is one of the best techniques used to reduce the file size of the image without any harm to its quality. So that page load time remains low and you get better results. It basically refers to image SEO. Simply it means delivering a high-quality image in the right dimension, size, resolution, and keeping it as small as it can be.

It can be done in the following ways:-

  • Resizing the image
  • Cashing
  • Compressing the size

Why Image Optimization Is Important For Website?

Below are some of the key points that describe the importance of optimizing an image.

  1. Improve Page Load Time

Page load time is the time taken by a web page to load the page. It depends on many factors such as website hosting, website layout, designing, etc. Websites which takes only 2 sec to load is considered to be the best website. You can optimize a website up to 64%  just by optimizing the images. By doing this it will provide a fast and amazing experience in analyzing a website.

  1. Improve SEO Ranking

We all know that page loading time is the main reason behind website ranking. Just like user google also does not value the slow website. In 2010 the is a google rollout in the webmaster’s blog “Like us, The users place a lot of value in speed — that’s why Google has decided to get site speed into account in google search rankings.” This means the faster website will rank better than a slower website.

  1. Boost Conversion

Page load time is directly related to SEO ranking and conversion. This is because if the website takes less time to load then its ranking is improved hence it capture more results and chances of conversion increase. 

  1. Enhance User Engagement

A happy customer is not a myth one can keep their customer happy just by providing them a great experience while serving the website. For this, you just need to optimize website images, improve page load speed, and provide a better overall user experience. If the page will load fast on all devices, a user will spend more time there. It is the biggest fact that users are more likely to leave those sites which are slow. The web pages which load in 2.4 seconds experience a 24% bounce rate. Your page load speed also increases the returning rate, meaning a customer who is getting a faster experience on your site would probably buy from you again. Therefore, user happiness and satisfaction also depend on page load speed, which can be improved by optimizing the images.

  1. Use Of Alt Tag

Alt Tags are the text tags alternative for web images when a browser can’t render them and can add value to your website by associating keywords to your images. Make sure you fill out an alt tag for each product on your website, so they will be more likely to get picked up by bots.

Use the same descriptive phrases that you would use for image names and avoid keyword stuffing. Make sure you use alt tags only for your product images, not decorative ones. Over-optimizing images can cause the search engines to penalize your site.

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In this digital world, every feature related to your website performance matters. And the expectations of visitors are only going to increase with time. So to rank the website load time should be less to achieve this we need to do image optimization. So, above in this blog, I have explained in the detail What is image optimization and why it is important for the website.

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