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Ideas To Choose Perfect Web Hosting For E-Commerce Website

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“E-commerce industry isn’t the cherry on the cake, in fact, it’s the whole cake”.

But you need a base to put up this cake somewhere and present it to others. Yes! That base or the platform is called a web hosting platform.

Choosing the best web hosting service for any E-commerce website can be challenging because there are many competitors available in the digital market.

Through this article, I will be telling you how to choose the best web hosting service for your E-commerce website.

But first let us know what an e-commerce website is?

What is an eCommerce Website?

An E-commerce website enables users to buy or sell products on digital platforms. It is like going to a general merchant shop or a mall for product purchasing.

E-commerce is a revolution in the marketing field to make transactions, import and export useful products, and make arrangements to supply those products to needy users through the use of the internet.

You must have heard the names of eCommerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay etc.

Thus, the eCommerce platform brings together different sellers and buyers to meet their individual needs and fulfil them. Now let’s start with How to choose the perfect web hosting service for an eCommerce website.

How to choose the perfect web hosting for an eCommerce website

There are many web hosting companies available in the digital market, which are beneficial for setting up an eCommerce website business.

A user can also choose from various cheap web hosting companies in India also which offer affordable web hosting services to them. If I were to suggest you then you should go for YouStable, Hostinger or A2 Hosting.

Before choosing the Best cheap web hosting company a user should always keep in mind the following key points.

The top qualities the best cheap web hosting in India should provide are:

Scalability and infrastructure

A website that allows people to buy and sell physical goods, services, and digital products over the internet rather than going from place to place for requests and urges.

Scalable hosting allows you to add bandwidth, storage or other resources to meet your increased needs.

The website may hold big web pages and may require a large amount of space as well as bandwidth for the proper and smooth functioning of your website.

To meet or fulfil these user needs, a web hosting company offers these facilities to its customers under different categories for hosting, for example, shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting and dedicated hosting.


The server’s uptime is how long it has been running. This percentage is often listed as “99.9% uptime”. This is a good indicator of the web hosting provider’s ability to keep their systems running.

The uptime really matters for every web hosting service, because you don’t want your customers to switch on to other websites because your website was down for a particular time to work with or it was slow.

Of course, you cannot keep your computer on all the time. At a certain time, there could be electricity disconnection; therefore servers are provided with regular electricity and backup supply for proper functioning in the data centre.

A user keeps searching for information every time, and his requirement should be fulfilled by the web hosting companies.

SSL Encryption

SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer. It’s the standard technology to keep an internet connection secure. It also safeguards sensitive data being sent between two systems. This prevents criminals from reading or altering any information, even personal details.

It’s actually the lock shaped icon that a user gets to see before the URL in the address bar of the web browser. Thus SSL protects the website if any user visits it.

There are many web hosting companies that offer Freee SSL certified security services with their Web Hosting. Here are the some of the hosting providers who offers free SSL with Hosting from YouStable, A2hosting,BlueHost,Interserver and so on.

Data and technical specifications

A technical specification defines a project, product, or system requirements. A specification is an information about the technical equipment related to its design, development, and procedures related to the requirements it contours.

All companies display their product information in the form of price plans with different names and facilities.

A user can choose from those facilities according to his needs after paying for that service.

Privacy and security

Privacy and security matter for everyone. Nobody wants their personal data to be leaked or shared by unknown and unwanted people.

Digital data security is a must for every user to run an online business or even a simple social media account, and every company should provide the best security features to gain the trust of its users.

Some of the security features offered by web hosting companies or a user must see before choosing his web hosting company are:

  • SSL certificate
  • DDoS protection
  • Firewall for external unknown software permissions threat
  • Malware Removal: As thousands of websites are hacked every day, the user must be sure of protecting his valuable resources.
  • Brute Force protection act
  • Miscellaneous scripts detection
  • Managed web security.
  • Secure VPS connection.
  • Migration to the HTTPS facility is a must.
  • Website antivirus, security by Industry Leading providers such as Immunify360 or BitNinja.
  • Virtual Patching: Sometimes the user wants to keep old projects running under the same user account, and the (CMS) can’t update those files to the latest version. This allows different hackers to attack your site. Virtual patching is cheaper than website antivirus protection.


Most people think that a product with a high cost may have more value. To some extent, it may be true but not always. But, you must have a minimum budget to take up any web hosting services.

The cost of good web hosting generally need not be high. There are many best unlimited web hosting companies in India that provide better, fast and reliable quality features at affordable rates. Some of the examples are YouStable, Hostinger, BlueHost, etc.

Higher Traffic, Better Performance

Higher traffic means that more and more people are searching for your products and available on your website for purchasing. The higher the traffic, the more a website ranks in the search list of Google search engine.

This increases the popularity of your website as more people would like to visit your website and do business.

Internet web page upload speed affects both the conversion rate and SEO. Thus, improving it can help you increase the total traffic.

As the internet is filled with scattered data, a user always wants to search for information that is present in the best form, which also needs to be genuine.

An interesting service provider attracts users with its quality services. This helps in building up an audience and letting others choose wisely.

Automated Backups

Automated backup facilities are provided by web hosting companies to back up the important data of your business automatically. The backup facility could be done on a different server, or on the same server to maintain your data safe.

This also depends upon the user’s choice of plans for the services. An automatic backup facility requires no human touch.

Automatic backup saves time and also ensures future availability if the data gets changed or is erased from the computer server environment.

The purpose is the same. If you ever want to go back to a certain layout that you preferred over the changes you have made, you can easily do that. Therefore a backup facility is very much needed in every hosting service.

Unlimited Storage

Storage has always been a problem for everyone when it comes to data storage in smaller disks. Therefore the data is stored on data servers by hosting companies.

Unlimited storage means limitless storage facility, where the user gets the freedom to store multiple files needed to run his website in case of web hosting.

The daily backup facility and update of system files, and other files makes data space shortage. To counter that, many web hosting companies provide a huge amount of disk space for your files.

There are many cheap web hosting companies that offer a reliable amount of data storage facilities. Some examples are YouStable web hosting,A2hosting,Hostinger etc.

Tech Support

A company’s tech support should be very quick and customer friendly.

Many web hosting companies offer different user support facilities if they need any help, or they find any trouble with their website.

A specialised support team monitors and maintains your computer system provides technical expertise to run your business smoothly.

Many companies provide different kinds of facilities for example online chat support, on-phone call support, or ticket support. Through these facilities, a user can discuss the problems he/she faces, be it in case of software or hardware installation, network problems or various issues to the expert.

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