My Secrets to ranking #1 on Google

Every website and the owner of that website has dreamt of ranking as #1 on Google. Majorly because it will drive more traffic to your website and will improve the visibility. Not only this, but it will also increase the potential for sales that keep you ahead of your competitors.

Are you still wondering about the WHYs & HOWs?

To be honest, even the experienced marketers struggle with getting the top-ranking spots. There’s a thin line with the fact that it happens rarely and knowledgeable individuals also fail to do so. So, the question arises here: “how will a regular business owner achieve this pinnacle?” Let’s take a look at some of the strategies.

You can now catapult your business by keeping in mind the following pointers. As this shall increase the probability of being on the no. 1 spot.

Fun Fact:

Did you know more than 90% of the consumers search the product before they head for a final purchase? You must be aware that the first page of Google gets most of the traffic than on pages 2, 3 and so on. As this is one of the popular search engines, therefore, the corporate needs to understand that the consistency of these SEO practices will help you improve your ranking on the search engine giant.

Why SEO Company aims for rank on the very first page?

The recent statistics found out that long-tail keywords are searched by most of the consumers. It was seen that if someone is looking for investing in a product/service, he or she will put 3 to 4 words on the search bar and then click for search. SEO Expertreveals how there can be a drastic transformation of visibility seen from the last page of Google to the first page. Some of the essential ingredients remain the same throughout the decades:

1. Content and keywords

2. Website designing

3. Links and mentions

Few of the most important factors that one can not ignore:

1. Make sure that you’re keeping up with the algorithm. Google’s algorithm keeps on changing with time, while some of them are announced and while others are speculative by the professionals of the industry. You need to be sure who is your target audience, so it is better to create a user-friendly website. Of course, you don’t want to get charged off the penalties. Make sure that you have enough knowledge for the algorithm updates.

2. You can take help from an SEO Consultant in London. He/she will help in analyzing your present ranking of the SEO. They will identify your average cost per click for each keyword that has been used, site health in areas – DNS, mail server, web server, blacklist, general site issues, the speed of your website, etc. There are so many other metrics that need to be covered while generating traffic. Everything is covered by a specialist!

3. The second most important aspect of being on top searches is a good keyword research. If you wish to improve your rankings on SEO, you need to figure out what your target audience would think while searching for your products/services. Map out by differentiating the commercial keywords from informational keywords, so that you have enough of them. Create a list and structure that on your website in a relevant manner.

4. The next comes as the meta title and the description. One thing that you need to keep in mind that the title should not be perceived as a click bait by Google. It needs to be appealing and authentic. Note that, you can place the theme at the start and the name of your brand at the end.

5. Make sure that you preach upon ethical SEO methodologies. If you’re writing a content, don’t forget to place your images alongside and to make it more engaging, you can also support it with videos. Make sure that your content is approachable too many people around the world, so make sure that you have created content in several languages. Make a good use of Advanced Google commands.

6. If you’re still struggling, you can hire an SEO expert. He/she will focus on the optimization of the various elements such as the file name, Alt attribute, size of the image and many other things.

7. Most of the people use their mobile devices or smartphones to search for a product. The number one reason being that it is handy and quite accessible. More than 60% of the consumers browse through their smartphones to evaluate the products/services. Yeah, various tools and resources that are available in the redirection of all the errors. It will also help you spot the crawlers of the Google bot.

8. The first and the foremost thing that you need to keep in mind is not using black hat SEO techniques as that will penalize you. Make sure that you have done a proper analysis of all the inbound links. There are various tools that are available online, so start your research! However, the search results will give you an idea of the number of lines that you might use and how will they directly or indirectly impact your Google ranking. This way, you will get an idea of how to diversify your anchor text from your harmful links and will keep your website safe.

With this, we conclude our list of a few strategies that will help you in ranking as #1 on Google.

Final thoughts

The last thing that you need to understand is that there is no magic button that will take you to rank as #1 on various search engines. All you can do is supposed to hire an SEO company that will help you out that consistency and improvising your website.

If you are targeting the right keywords, you will attract the right audience for your website. The usage of the right keywords will potentially increase the chances of being on top. Make sure that you have created a well-researched structure for creating and optimizing content. Promote as much as you can! If you have any suggestions/questions, please feel free to share your comments down.

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