Facebook Artificial Intelligence Program

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Residency Program could even be a 1-year research training position designed to provide you experience with AI research while working in facebook artificial intelligence.

The program will pair you with an AI Researcher and Engineer who will both guide your project. With the team, you’ll pick a search problem of mutual interest then conceive new deep learning techniques to unravel it. We also encourage collaborations beyond the assigned mentors. Research are become to be communicated to the tutorial community by submitting papers to top academic venues (for example, NeurIPS, ICML, ICLR, CVPR, ICCV, ACL, EMNLP, etc.), also as open-source code releases or product impact.

AI Residency experience is planned to start out a career within the field. This is often a full-time program that can’t be undertaken in partnership with university study or a full-time job.

We encourage applications from folks that have a strong technical background and are enthusiastic to facebook artificial intelligence research. foregoing experience in machine learning is certainly a strength, but we seek people from a various range of backgrounds, including areas apparently unrelated to machine learning like (but not limited to) math, physics, finance, economics, computational science, neuroscience, bioinformatics, and linguistics.

Applications are now closed for the 2020 cohort.


  • Determine the way to perform research in deep learning and AI.
  • Understand former work and existing literature.
  • Work with instructor to spot problem(s) of interest and develop AI techniques.
  • Translate the ideas into practical code.
  • Write up research results in the form of a tutorial paper or open-source projects.

Key Features of this Training:

  • Residents are going to be paid decent amount of Salary
  • No Certificate are going to be given as it’s not a proper program
  • It’s not a neighborhood time program. It won’t be possible to figure thereon and simultaneously running a business, doing employment or University.
  • It’s a perfect preparation/training if you would like to use to top graduate programs in future.
  • Excellent performers are welcome to use and hence interview for full time positions in Facebook.
  • It’s only a 12 months program and not any more than that.
  • you can’t work remotely or from home. you’ve got to get on site performing from Facebook’s office.
  • Applicants from various backgrounds are welcome and can be considered independent of your study background.
  • Residents are eligible and can be ready to receive most benefits. Residents aren’t eligible to receive Facebook RSUs, merit increases or yearly bonuses.
  • Housing won’t be provided but relocation packages could also be provided to those Residents who are eligible for this. • There is no fee to participate during this program.

This unique program is geared toward anyone who has an interest in working in facebook artificial intelligence and getting more practical experience during a world-class lab,” says Tony Nelli, Program Manager for AI Residency. “You don’t need a degree in machine learning, or maybe in computing. We’re curious about applicants from a good range of backgrounds, and that we hope to form careers in AI more accessible through programs just like the residency.”

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