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5 Best Music Player for Android Mobile

Music Player

Yes, music is indicated as the biggest source of entertainment and even a memorable time for billions around the globe. No doubt everybody loves music and also it sometimes works as a mood swinger. Well, in this digital era, you could now convert Mp4 to MP3 music files with the free assistance of an online MP4 to Mp3 converter.
However, here we are decided to list a few best music player apps for Android that are packed with splendid features. Move ahead and keep reading to explore all one by one!


This music player for android fest both your ears and eyes since it is packed with an attractive and easy user user-interface. Its dynamic color change UI and even the in-built theme engine make it one of the stunning Android music player apps. Besides that, you could also use an online Mp4 to Mp3 converter by that lets you convert Mp4 video to Mp3 audio file by customizing BR (Bitrate). 

Why Use?

  • You can easily create and edit your music playlists
  • Highly customizable
  • Provides you with tag editor
  • Last.FM integration

Audio Beats:

Audio Beats is coming with an elegant design and colorful appearance for its users. This music player is packed with a built-in top-quality equalizer that entirely takes your music listening experience to a great extent of level. But, whenever you want to turn Mp4 video into audio (Mp3), then you need to get a free Mp4 to Mp3 converter online. The great thing is that Audio Beats takes a bit of memory space and provides you with a perfect music experience. 

Why Use?

  • Get a stylish and powerful interface
  • Heavily customizable
  • You could now explore 100 different presets, 5 bands, bass booster, 3D reverb effects adjustments, and music virtualizer
  • Packed with built-in Mp3 cutter as well as ringtone maker.

Remember that it doesn’t work as an Mp4 video to audio converter, for that you ought to seek an online Mp4 to Mp3 converter for free. 

Stellio Player:

This music player offers you a stunning interface and entertains its users with the highest quality sound and features. For a better sound experience, this handy player provides you with a powerful audio engine that assists to control a 12-bands equalizer and a big variety of audio effects. Besides that, you can try an online Mp4 to Mp3 converter in order to convert Mp4 to high-quality audio Mp3 files. Bear in mind that Stellio Player provides its users a complete freedom for experimentations, using it manually or by amazing presets. 

Why Use?

  • Crossfade features assist in making the sound more pleasing
  • Get the gapless playback
  • Provides you with android wear support. You can be able to control music from your smartwatches, pick a track within single tap without taking a phone out of a pocket
  • Offers you the best and attractive themes


In this top music player list, this application for android is completely paid but provides you with a 15 day full-featured Trial version. The good thing about Poweramp is that it provides you with a lot of sound tweaks:

  • 10 bands
  • Optimized graphical equalizer
  • Separate powerful Bass and Treble adjustment
  • Stereo eXpansion
  • Mono mixing 
  • Balance, etc

Apart from paid versions, you can get a free Mp4 to MP3 converter to convert multiple Mp4 videos into Mp3 quality audio files online. 

Why Use?

  • You can be able to play music files from folders, and from your own library
  • Embed as well as standalone .cue files support for ease
  • Provides you with OpenGL based convert art animation
  • Explore the custom visual themes, there are a lot of skins available on Google Play

Lark Player:

It is indicated as the best video and music player that will change the way streaming your media files. But, if you want to change video to audio files, then start using free MP4 to Mp3 converter online. This app will be able to fetch all kinds of saved medical content on your Android device and also allow you to play YouTube music videos as well. There are innumerable tones of screen and music control that really make this player a splendid choice. And, if you downloaded YouTube video and its format is MP4, but you need its mp3 form for the ease of offline listening, then quit worrying. An online MP4 to Mp3 converter assists you in such a way, which means it extract audio from a video within a couple of seconds. 

Why Use?

  • Get innumerable inbuilt controls
  • It allows you to discover the new and trending content from different charts including Billboard Hot 100, iTunes Top 100, and much more
  • Provides you with a floating music player
  • Get the ease with handy gesture controls for volume, playback, speed, brightness, and so on
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