Solar Panel Installation: Factors to consider before installation

Solar Panels Factors to consider before installation

Solar Panel Installation, have become common installations in developing countries and cities that are moving towards better living conditions while prioritizing environmental well-being. Sydney is one such city that has seen a massive number of people switching to solar power over the past years. The increasing growth of technology and our daily life dependency on it has maximized electricity consumption like never before! While one cannot curtail the usage of technology and gadgets in the modern world, people have found an alternative i.e. solar panel installation in Sydney.

The rising awareness of excessive exploitation of natural resources has prompted people to switch to environment-friendly ways of living. Shifting to solar energy for electricity needs is one such effective way to reduce the strain on natural resources Solar panels are a smart choice to fulfill electricity requirements without exhausting non-renewable resources. Solar panel installation in Sydney is a simple process that involves positioning the panels on the rooftop along with the necessary supporting systems to ensure downright performance.

While there’s been a significant rise in the demand for solar panels lately, most people are unaware of the complete features and mechanism of solar panels. They tend to buy whatever is suggested to them by the sellers. For instance, some sellers are genuine and will give the right suggestions, others might take advantage of it and end up selling expensive products that have no such justifiable utility. Solar panels area one-time investment thing that is expected to perform for a long period of time. Therefore, it is important that you pick the right panels that best suits your requirements. Considering certain basic factors before getting a solar panel installation in Sydney can help you make a smart purchase. Some of these factors are:

Rooftop condition

One of the most basic things to consider before getting a solar installation is the rooftop condition at your place. Since solar panels require direct rays of sunlight to function at maximum capacity, it is best advised to install panels under clear skies.

A shaded rooftop can decrease the efficiency of the panels due to a blocked exposure to solar rays. Also, make sure that your roof is well maintained and requires no repairs in the near future. Since solar installations have a minimum of 10 years of life, it is best advised to avoid any changes to the roof structures during this tenure.

Solar technology type

There is a variety of solar technology available in the market that one can choose from depending on the purpose of usage. The two most common types of solar technologies in the market are photovoltaic and thermal.

Photovoltaic solar allows for generating electricity whereas thermal solar allows for heating water by converting the raw solar energy into a consumable form. Consider your requirements before selecting the perfect solar technology.

Inverter type

A solar installation is a complete set of solar panels, inverter, and batteries. All these three devices are necessary to ensure optimal functioning and generation of electricity. An inverter is responsible for converting the direct current into alternating current for human use. Therefore, choosing the right inverter type plays an important role.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of inverter available in the market that are string inverter and microinverter. While string inverter is ideal for normal rooftop installations, microinverter can be suggested in cases of blocked or partial rooftops. Pick the right one that best fulfills your requirements.

Battery requirement

It is often noticed that maximum electricity production time is not the same as the maximum consumption time. The consumption of electricity is higher in the second half of the day when more lights and other electrical appliances are in use. However, electricity production is initiated only during the daytime when sunlight is available in abundance.

This creates the need for solar batteries that can store excess power to supply electricity in the absence of solar energy. Lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries are the commonly available batteries that you can choose from. Along with the above-listed factors, choosing the ideal solar installer is crucial too. You must buy from an experienced dealer who assures top-quality products with professional assistance throughout the installation process. Go on, get the perfect solar panel installation in Sydney while keeping the above factors in mind.

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