11 Online Resources To Help You Design Your Space

Online Resources To Help You Design Your Space
Written by Christina Jones

Designing a new,old, or rented space can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. You finally have the opportunity to make a room or an entire home the exact way you want it without worrying about anything else. However, you also have to deal with many moving parts, including project management, the design planning process, purchasing items for the space, and moving in all of the furniture. 

While you can simply draw out your ideas, it’s much more effective to have a model in front of you to help you visualize how the room will truly look.

Here are online resources that can help you design your space. 

1. SketchUp

SketchUp is a 3D room planner that many interior designers use to help them visualize how a room will look with different layouts and pieces of furniture, including office furniture. Consider using the free version if you’re not an interior designer and will only be using the software once. One drawback of SketchUp is the learning curve, but they offer online courses to help you learn how to use the tool to your best ability. 

2. Floorplanner

Floorplanner is an online floor planning tool that can help you create interactive floorplans so you can map out how you want the space to look. Floorplanner gives you the option of designing full homes, gardens, or single rooms. 

3. Ikea

Everyone loves a trip to Ikea because they have tons of furniture at an affordable price, but you may not remember that Ikea is a design company. You can use Ikea’s planning tool to plan an entire room using their available furniture at your local store. The tool covers kitchens, wardrobes, living rooms, and home offices. Not to mention, they have the perfect accessories for your pets.

4. Magnet

If you’re designing a kitchen, consider using Magnet, a tool that allows you to start with an empty kitchen so you can start to fill it in with cabinets, countertops, and storage solutions. This tool even allows you to add lighting and seating options. 

5. Pinterest

If you need a little design inspiration before you get started designing your space, consider checking out Pinterest. Pinterest has millions of interior design photos you can sort through using keywords you want to view. You can organize your ideas into your very own Pinterest board that you can use for inspiration throughout the entire design process. 

6. Rooomy

Rooomy is a mobile app that allows you to take pictures of your space and make it 3D to help you plan your room. You can also shop furniture for the room and stage your room in 3D so you know what every square inch of the space will look like once your design is complete. You can also save the design and share it with friends and family to get their input. 

Once you know how you want the room to look, it’s time to move your stuff out of the room so you can begin purchasing new items to fill the space. 

7. Havenly

Havenly is an interior design firm that helps clients meet designers online. They pair you with a designer based on your budget and style preferences. Havenly also has an interior design app that can help you visualize what a room will look like. You can also directly speak with one of their interior designers and upload photos of your home to get real expert advice. 

8. Wallary

Wallaryl is another app that helps you see what a space will look like after it has been painted and has all of your decorations on it. 

9. Decorist

If you want a unique experience, consider Decorist. Decorist is another company that connects clients to designers at an affordable price. This app comes with three pricing tiers, with $299 being the lowest. However, what you get for a few hundred dollars is help from a genuine interior designer who can help you pick out pieces. 

Decorist makes designing your space easy, especially if you don’t trust your own design abilities. All you have to do is sign up for the service, upload photos of the space, add information about your budget, attach inspiration photos, and you’ll be matched with a designer. Your designer will then give you two designs to choose from before finalizing the official piece. 

10. Modsy

Modsy is similar to Decorist because it’s a full-service solution that gives you one-on-one time with an actual designer. However, Modsy also provides 3D renderings so you can see exactly what your space will look like when it’s done. Modsy also comes at a more modest price point, with the premium package starting at $159 for one room. 

Using Modsy is simple, and the 3D renderings are a big selling point. To use Modsy you take a style quiz, but before that, you need to upload photos of your space and submit measurements. After a designer has been chosen for you, you’ll receive two design plans in 3D. 

After you receive the plans, you can work with Modsy’s design team to make your design just right. You can also purchase everything you need, including furniture from Modsy. 

11. Pottery Barn

If you love interior design, then you’ve probably visited Pottery Barn at least a few times this year. However, you might not know that Pottery Barn gives you free advice from designers online. 

To take advantage of Pottery Barn’s free service, all you have to do is request an appointment online using a form. A designer can create a custom floor plan and give you ideas for the space. You can also get style types and recommendations. 

Final Thoughts

There are many online services and tools you can use to design your space. To determine which one is right for you, consider your design skills. If you’ve never designed a room before, you might want to get help from a real designer who can help you make your home office, bedroom, or living room your favorite space in your home. With the help of these resources, you can gather the perfect design within your budget.

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