MilesWeb Review: Subtle Way to Get Managed WordPress Hosting

Best cheap reseller hosting: Web hosting is the most discussed topic these days as the online market is thriving. The legacy businesses are taking a turn towards online as it has got multiple benefits like global access, 24-7 availability of business, less paperwork, improved automation, business management from anywhere, etc.

Everyone is busy developing websites using CMSs as it is making it quite an easy task for people to develop websites using readily available themes and plugins. The content management system abbreviated as CMS are the softwares used to develop website using ready-to-use tools and plugins. The various CMSs widely used in the market are WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc.

The most used CMS is WordPress as it provides 50, 0000+ plugins and multiple themes for developing various kinds of websites. 

Sight of WordPress

WordPress is the content management system, providing a variety of inbuilt themes and plugins to develop websites. WordPress is widely used CMS because it is open-source software written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or Maria DB database. The features of WordPress involve a plugin architecture and a template system, referred to as ‘Themes’ in WordPress. 

You can create a blogger site, magazine site, portfolio, e-commerce website using the WordPress CMS system. It is easier for a person belonging to any domain to create a website using WordPress as it provides readily available themes and plugins and a dashboard to manage the site. The user can write blogs, publish content, edit the website, and update content using the CMS. 

When you are done developing a website using CMS the most important task is hosting your website with the most reliable web hosting company and the best plan.

While you are hosting your WordPress website the important thing to consider is whether to opt for managed or unmanaged WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting provides the user all the web hosting facilities with 24-7 customer service. The security issues, data back-ups, installations, updates are all handled by the web hosting service provider who host your WordPress site.

There are many companies in the market providing managed WordPress hosting but the rates are too higher to be affordable. One of the most reliable, trustworthy companies providing the best-managed WordPress hosting is MilesWeb.

Unmanaged WordPress Hosting

The unmanaged WordPress hosting is a DIY. You being the developer have to manage all the server resources for your website. The hosting service provider only provides you the server space and the resources like bandwidth, SSL certificate, disk space, CPU, etc. But the management of all the resources is handled by the user himself which can increase the overheads of website management and make you ignore your business to an extent.

Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

  1. 24-7 Expert support
  2. WordPress specific high security 
  3. High performance
  4. Scalability
  5. Reliability
  6. Automatic updates
  7. Timely back-ups
  8. DNS
  9. Uptime guarantee
  10. Money-back guarantee

After knowing the advantages of managed WordPress hosting, it is essential to know the best web hosting company providing the best-Managed WordPress hosting plans.

As mentioned earlier MilesWeb is India’s most-reliable web hosting companies providing the best web hosting plans and services to clients at an affordable rate.

A Gist of MilesWeb

MilesWeb is an Indian-based web hosting company providing the finest web hosting services. The company was launched in 2012 with the intent of providing the most definite web hosting plan and the best service to the clients. MilesWeb has shared, dedicated, managed WordPress, and best cheap reseller hosting etc. hosting plans. The company has more than 28,000 happy and satisfied customers. MilesWeb is well-known for its 24-7 priority support, 30-days money-back guarantee, and best web hosting services.

Why MilesWeb for Your WordPress Website?

The features that MilesWeb provide to your WordPress website are:

  1. Free Domain
  2. Automatic WordPress Updates
  3. Fast SSD Storage
  4. Free SSL Security
  5. WordPress Preconfigured
  6. Fast Provisioning
  7. Secure Email
  8. Datacenter Choice

MilesWeb provides you a free domain for an entire year. You only pay the renewal charges after a year. 

The company enables automatic updates of WordPress plugins and themes. You need not manually update the software at the backend. The technical professionals of  MilesWeb keep track of the new updates related to critical WordPress platforms, plugins, and other site-specific are installed on your platform as they are released. 

The SSD storage is the fastest storage medium providing the most reliable, robust and durable storage. The SSDs provided by the company work 20X times faster than the traditional HDD disks.

Considering the security of your website on a priority basis, the company provides a free SSL certificate that encrypts the sent and received web data for security measures.

The preconfigured WordPress enables you to manage your WordPress site at ease. Every site is preconfigured with the various certified themes and plugins.

MilesWeb has data centers across the globe. The company has data centers in the USA, India, Canada, Singapore, UK and Australia. You have the choice to reach your targeted audience with MilesWeb’s best hosting for WordPress India.

MilesWeb’s Exclusive WordPress Hosting Features

  1. Cloudflare Railgun
  2. HTTPS By Default
  3. GZIP/Brotli Compression
  4. SFTP Access
  5. WP-CLI
  6. Dedicated WordPress Support
  7. Daily Backups
  8. CDN
  9. Cloning
  10. Server-side Optimizations
  11. Caching

To sum it up: MilesWeb is the company furnishing all the exclusive features under a single plan and they are provide best cheap reseller hosting, the best decision one can make is to host their WordPress website with MilesWeb at a very affordable rate. 

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