Best TeamViewer alternatives in 2020

Best TeamViewer alternatives

Many companies released a new rival in the same field.  They start having giant positive feedback from the audience around the world in 2020. They can also offer competitive features that can make users switch their interests in the new software. Today, we will have a deep look at the op alternatives for TeamViewer in 2020. You will have a detailed idea of how you can choose your favorite alternative for TeamViewer.

Dameware Remote Everywhere

Dameware Remote is one of the best alternatives to TeamViewer. It offers the best remote desktop support for macOS X and windows and Linux too.

Another good thing is the admins the ability to add users to the active directory. It can also grant them specific permissions according to their needs. It has a huge amount of features. You can take screenshots of your remote device, reboot a frozen computer, etc.


Mikogo is another good alternative for TeamViewer. You will have full access via many primary operating systems. You can use it for smartphones, laptops, desktops, and tablets too. The Mikogo can make more than 25 users access the computer at the same time. Admin permission can be applied very easily. You can have all the standard features in hand including chats, record tools, and screenshot features.


Splashtop represents both free and paid remote desktop support solutions. It is supported by windows, mac os x, and Linux too. You can even use it for android and iOS too. The security is one of the top advantages of Splashtop. Thanks to the data encryption the app offers to the users. If you have enough with the latency in your video calls or streaming then the app is your goal.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Many users found the TeamViewer can represent a lot of problems related to complexity. On the other hand, the Chrome Remote Desktop comes to fix such downsides.

The extension is super easy to use and very handy. All that you have to do is open the chrome browser then start monitoring the devices on your network in a remote way. The only condition is that the device needs to have chrome installed in. You can download apps for IOS and Android that works the same as the desktop browser extension for sure. is a much-optimized remote desktop support app. It is very famous in the area of online meetings scheduling and recording features. You can connect to any other person on earth in a virtual way in an asynchronous way. The app is free when you use voice over IO. However, it can cost 19 USD for enterprise users. Actually, the price is worthy. The app can handle the most sophisticated features of screening, recoding, and chat options for your team. The top advantage of the app is the absence of the latency. You will shrug off the problems of low connection too.

VNC Connect

VNC Connect is a very steady alternative for TeamViewer on our list. The security is one of the top measures which VNC connect offers. You will have unique data encryption for your information and password. Cambridge developed the software in a way the server is created in the computer you are controlling and the viewer app reached from your device.

Webex Meetings

It offers the most direct competitive features to TeamViewer. It has a great conferencing tool and it also is distributed over the cisco cloud servers at the same time. In other words, you will take advantage of the best serious bandwidth from such servers. It is the best solution for you if you work with larger teams. It can host more than 100 guests. You will have a huge amount of permissions to gran to your guest whenever you want. This is thanks to an optimized admin panel.

LogMeIn Pro

LogMeIn Prof is a remote management software that serves as one of the steady alternatives for TeamViewer today. You will have almost 1TB in the space of cloud servers. You will even have access to many applications and files that you need to manage your team. They are centralized, in other words, you can easily access and save them. Moreover printing your document is super handy due to the local printer command on your software. It is one of the best management software that can handle the best fasting features for your projects. The latency is almost absent and the performance is very good.


Another free app is DWService. It does not charge a single penny for your entire services too. It can be supported by Linux, MacOS X, and windows too. You can always establish a very secure connection with devices you target. The performance is also over the top thanks to the steady teams of IT behind the development of the app.

You can connect to any computer with the solution. Other apps offer the connection within your network only. It is also compliant with whole the firewalls and proxies in the market today. The main downside of the solutions is the lack of some necessary features.

Honorable mention: Take Control

The best alternative to TeamViewer in 2020 which you can use at an affordable price is Take control. You can use it for 10 USD per month. This is one of the best cheap but high-quality remote-control software in the industry today.

You will be able to support your agents that connect with customers’ devices in small delta time and can even diagnose the information during your monitoring in an easy simple way too. You can even troubleshoot the process in a very simple way. The company has a steady customer service to satisfy your technical needs.


In the end, we confirm for you that previous list is about the top when it comes to TeamViewer alternatives. All you have to do is to pick up according to the suitable feature that seems more interesting for you. You may even consider the free and the premium plan comparing to the features which the company offers.

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