Complete Guide: How To Use Cisco Webex Meetings?

Complete Guide: How To Use Cisco Webex Meetings?

Webex Meetings is the world’s best video conferencing service for the enterprise, offering highly secure integrated audio, video, and content sharing from the Cisco Webex cloud. Cognitive Collaboration features like Webex Assistant and People Insights bring artificial intelligence to automate meeting tasks. 

Features Of Cisco Webex Meeting

Following are some of the features that make Webex Meetings best:-

  1. HD Video Conferencing
  2. Platform Compatibility And Data Protection
  3. Integrated Communication
  4. Sharing Documents And Desktop

Method To Use Cisco Webex Meetings

Following is the way to run Webex Meetings:-

1) Enroll in Cisco Webex

Below are the steps for this.

  1. Put your email address.
  2. Fill in the details like your world, name, etc.
  3. Cisco will send you the confirmation mail.
  4. The mail received from Cisco Webex consists of a meeting link and will also help you to set the password so that no other person can occupy your meeting space.

2) Create A Personal Room

A personal room is a room that will help you to schedule and start the meeting and will also provide you a link that you will need to send other people to join the meeting.

Customize the profile:-

  1. Go to the circle having your initials.
  2. Click on the circle that has your initials.
  3. Click on the appeared word “change”. And change the profile picture.
  4. Choose the option to host the meeting
  • Web Interface
  • Desktop Application

3) Prepare To Host

  1. When you click on the launch button the Webex application will appear. If your camera is active then it will display the view as well.
  2. The preview option provides an amazing comb the hair, reposition the camera.
  3. There are 2 icons on the panel :
    -Toggle video
    -Audio On & Off
  4. If the icon is red then it means that it is muted.
  5. The panel present on the lowest part consists of menus that enable to configure video, sound, and other setting related to hosting. 

When everything is fine, then click the green “Start Meeting” button.

4) Room Management

  1. As you are the host you can control the meeting room by dictating who can speak, etc.
  2. In this, you can even control many things using the icon bar and participant list.  
  3. Icons present on the bottom of the screen control the audio, video, record the meeting, open chat, etc.

5) Sharing Mechanism of Cisco Webex Meeting

  1. When you click on the share content icon, it will provide you some possible sharing choices 
  • File Browser
  • Settings
  • An application that you are currently running on the host
  1. With the help of this, you can launch the application and can share the view with the members present in the meeting.
  1. By sharing the screen with the help of this application the interface of Webex is replaced with one that sits at the top center of the screen. To get the standard screen back you just click on “Stop sharing”.

6) Invite People on Webex Meeting

  1. On the setting menu, there is an option to invite a participant during the meeting.
  1. When you select this panel you will need to enter the email address of the members to whom you want to invite to the meeting.

There is one more way for the same:-

  1. Click on the blue icon “i”.
  2. The appeared panel will provide you a meeting URL with the meeting number that you need to distribute to meeting members.

7) How To End The Meeting on Cisco Webex

As we know there is an ending to everything. Therefore if you start the meeting then you need to end it.

  1. If you are the host then you can end simply end the meeting just by clicking on “End Meeting”.
  2. If you are not a host then you need to handover the host role to another member of the meeting and then click on “Leave Meeting”.

8) Join Meeting Through Email

  1. From your emails, open the meeting invitation.
  2. Click on the meeting URL from the email.
  3. If required, sign in through profile information.
  4. If needed then enter the password and click on “Join Meeting”.


Above in this blog, we have discussed much on how to use cisco Webex. I have explained the important way to use all the important features of Webex Meeting. Cisco Webex is one of the best platforms to conduct video conferencing meetings.

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