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10 Amazing Blogs with Perfect User Interfaces

Amazing Blogs with Perfect User Interfaces

Amazing Blogs with Perfect User Interfaces: You know that blogs are the heart of any successful company website. A frequently updated blog will bring people to the brand, help them find the right content, and be an essential way to connect with the rest of the world. Using blogs to develop your brand’s identity and cultivate a dedicated audience are both excellent uses of your time. They’re also a low-cost marketing strategy that pays off. Here is a list of 10 of the best blogs that have awesome user experience design firms.

Amazing Blogs with Perfect User Interfaces


Six-Two has taken the well-liked ’tiling’ function and given it its own unique spin by combining blog postings with text and fiddling with image size. Their color choice is very simple, with predominantly pastels and a dash of dark pink. They do have some unique elements going on, though. Fun and information are perfectly balanced in Six-two.


Clever is an online journal that honors international design talen, encourages industry innovation, and provides design inspiration for your own home. You will love this magazine since it’s a fantastic mix of easy and enjoyable at the same time. It has bright colors that remind us of pop art from the 1980s and blocks that almost feel 3D. With its simple look, it has a lot of personalities.

Coda story

As an online political publication, Coda Story examines a wide range of issues, from humanitarian crises to disinformation stories. Coda says that they are “format agnostic,” which means that they don’t follow the rules of other blogs. Documentaries, short stories, and animations are included in the Coda story publication. This proves that political content doesn’t have to be boring for people who read it to pay attention.

UX Matters

UX Matters is a UX blog that talks about research, accessibility, and the design of things. It has UX tips for everyone, from people just starting to people who have a lot of experience in the field. Here, you’ll find a lot of practical advice for UX designers, like staying on budget and communicating with other people who work on the project. It also talks about a lot of exciting and critical subjects.


The Nourisheats blog wants to encourage people to eat a healthy diet with a clean and appealing look. With its minimalist grey and white colour scheme, this lifestyle blog’s food photography is even more eye-catching. If you look at other lifestyle blogs, Nourisheats is a refreshing change from the usual barrage of promotional banners and pop-ups. But instead of using words, they’ve relied on visuals. They’ve let the images speak for themselves. This is what they did.


When it comes to Girlboss magazine, there isn’t a single thing about it that is understated! When you look at Girlboss, you see a lot of different colors.

There is a horizontal swipe on the desktop site, which is a design standard that is more common on mobile interfaces. This can be a little hard to get used to at first, but the designer has made two more traditional ways: an easy-to-find navigation bar at the top of the page and a hamburger menu in the top right.


Justinmind is another blog with interesting and educational posts about many important UX design topics. The blog has new content, from how-to guides and graphic design advice to the most recent UX design trends and developments.


For their blog about UX design, Dropbox chose Medium as the place to write. The Dropbox Design blog is a great option if you don’t want to read blogs on a variety of subjects.  It covers all of the essential issues in the field of UX.

Still, the pieces were liked because they showed how things work in Dropbox rather than in design textbooks. This part of the blog gives a unique look at some of the design problems that Dropbox had to deal with and how their team worked together to solve them.

The Outline

The Outline says it’s a “new kind of publication,” and it has a lot of unfiltered content, from political digests to lifestyle tips.

There are many distinct perspectives on The Outline to consider. Each part appears to have been created by a different individual. The Outline website, in contrast to its straightforward navigation, is a visual feast, thanks to its near-fluorescent colour palette and amusing pictures. It breaks every possible design rule.


The Pixelgrade blog is an excellent example of a blog that tells the brand’s story. Each item is believable because of its dynamic site, clear calls to action, and even a space for linked logos to demonstrate that each article is trustworthy. They’ve kept the same color scheme as the leading site, which shows that the brand is the same. It might not be the most stylish blog on this list, but it’s straightforward to read.

The extensive text is very good at getting the reader’s attention. They’ve utilized photos to break up the writing in the blog articles, which makes it more appealing for visitors to read all the way through to the finish. Grid-based layouts aren’t new, but they keep the interface clean and the content easy to read.


The blogs and websites have caught the reader’s attention and made them think about their UI design(Amazing Blogs with Perfect User Interfaces). Most businesses realize that making sure your blog content is full of relevant, exciting, and shareable information and being visually and aesthetically appealing is worth the time and money it takes to make it happen.

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