Top 8 Tools to Increase Twitter Followers Naturally

Unsurprisingly, companies use Twitter to interact with their target demographic. A whopping 53% of Twitter users are more likely to be early adopters regarding brand-new items.

Gaining more followers on Twitter may help you in many ways beyond just making your company seem more well-known. It helps new customers have confidence in your company. You are establishing such a reputation enables you to stand out among competitors. 

You mean business to consumers, potential buyers, and competitors. The question then becomes how to grow your brand’s Twitter following naturally.

8 Tools to Increase Twitter Followers Naturally

1. Socialoomph

Increase your output thanks to Socialoomph’s compelling post-scheduling features. This product may be yours for as little as $6.97 once, and a free trial is included. Another option is a free version.

Individuals with access to team functions and tags may use Socialoomph to control their social media publishing. Team members may be added to your account, and access to shared resources like social media pages and blogs can be granted.

In addition to its other features, this software allows for precise scheduling, post queues, RSS feeds, webhooks, mass uploading, erasable articles, and post-flood management.

With these methods, you can grow your audience by about 20%, but you need to be persistent and devoted to your followers if you don’t want them to go. Twitter is a fantastic social platform to promote your skills globally.

2. Crowdfire

Because of its intuitive interface and handy mobile app, Crowdfire has quickly become the go-to platform for managing a company’s social media presence among entrepreneurs with smaller operations. The most affordable plan on Crowdfire is “Plus,” allowing users to connect ten different social media accounts to the platform.

Crowdfire introduced Mentions in 2018; it’s a hub for keeping tabs on how your business is being discussed on Twitter. Your team may use the inbox alerts to keep tabs on all mentions, comments, and answers. Besides the Mentions function, Crowdfire also includes:

The social media monitoring and response tool, Crowdfire. Pre-scheduling many blog entries at once. Staff expansion and administration.

By consolidating insights for your profile, individual posts, and competitors into a single interface, Crowdfire’s social media analytics help you save time.

Crowdfire only allows for one free account per social networking service. Priced at a low $7.48 a month and above, the premium plan is affordable for sole proprietors and other small enterprises.

3. Control Flitter

Using Manage Flitter, you can track several Twitter accounts in one place, analyze analytics, and schedule posts in advance. You may get this service for $12 per user each month or $49 if you need access to the business capabilities.

Powerpoint allows you to schedule your tweets at times when they are most likely to receive the most views, reusable posts, permission management, and custom branding, as well as locate inactive accounts, identify fake/spam accounts, review your followers and those you follow, search for accounts and tweets, export accounts, view analytics, and receive email reports.

4. Owlead

The main focus of Owlead’s value proposition is expanding your Twitter following so that you may “get real Twitter followers effortlessly.”

The platform operates by categorizing, filtering, and discovering the most valuable accounts that correspond to your target market.

Rather than just boosting your follower count, this method ensures that you are getting genuine Twitter users who may be interested in your product or service.

To do this, Owlead lets its users choose parameters for their target audience, such as terms in a Twitter user’s profile, and then target just those people.

  • Language.
  • Actual Location.
  • Gender.

Following this, Owlead will automatically follow (and unfollow, if required) 50 similar Twitter accounts daily.

You could also provide the platform with that person’s Twitter handle to attract that person’s followers.

Owlead also provides analytics data, such as the demographics and interests of your audience, to help you track and improve your daily audience growth.

The site provides a free trial period of 10 days, with pricing choices starting at $19 per month.

5. Cushion

A buffer is a fantastic tool for increasing your Twitter following. With this tool, you can determine which of your tweets receives the most attention and interaction and then plan the rest to go out at specific intervals. Price points for Buffer’s basic and enterprise plans range from $15 to $399.

6. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an online service that lets its customers coordinate their many social media profiles in one convenient spot. Anyone, even commercial enterprises, can make use of this tool. They have three separate plans that range in price from INR 1915 for ten profiles to INR 7540 for 20 profiles to INR 45000 for 35 profiles.

The package includes one hour of personalized instruction, primarily social media accreditation, one-click scheduling, key performance indicators, team message assignment, customized analytics, exportable reports, fully configurable approval procedures, and round-the-clock support.

Using Hootsuite, social media posts may be scheduled and managed efficiently. They’ll keep an eye on your social return on investment and work to improve it.

7. Tweet

Tweepi is an AI-powered application explicitly designed for Twitter that helps you gain followers.

With the help of AI, Tweepi can increase your following without you having to do anything but spend a few minutes daily on the app.

It frees your mind from more important matters like content creation and brand development. Tweepi’s AI-driven method for managing Twitter entails the following steps:

Sign up for an account: Join the conversation by including relevant hashtags and individuals.

Tweepi uses artificial intelligence to find the most exciting tweets and users on Twitter.

You can gain up to 100 days of extra exposure: Like Owlead, Tweepi selectively interacts with users based on their relevance.

Tweepi’s cheapest annual plan is $129. That works out to $10.75 a month.

8. Ritual Tagging

Everyone uses hashtags under their postings, sometimes to describe the image and sometimes not. The right hashtags, however, may help you reach a wider audience and increase engagement with your post.

To assist you in broadening your audience and attracting more followers, Rite Tag provides you with the most current and relevant Hashtag suggestions for visuals based on your real hashtag engagement or searches. Rite Tag has a $45 monthly fee and a free trial period of 7 days.

To Sum Up

Building an organic following on Twitter is difficult regardless of whether you use the methods mentioned earlier.

  • Have sincere conversations with people
  • “Share great content.”
  • Frequently retweet tweets that are relevant to your interests

These resources are meant to support your core Twitter strategy, not replace it.

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