How to Free Up Disk Space on Mac Device

MacOS can be robust but it always runs short on disk space as the one with huge space comes with humongous price tags. If you have a Mac with 256GB or 512 Gb storage, you will need to take special care of its storage space. You will need to free up disk space on Mac Device frequently to ensure you never run out of storage space.

There are multiple inbuilt utilities that can help you keep your Mac clean. This article on how to free up space on Mac has both manual tweaks and automated methods. Let us explore the manual tweaks to manage and clear disk space and if it doesn’t work, you can use the Best Mac Cleaners for Mac to automatically keep it clean.

Delete Unnecessary Files

It takes time but this is an effective practice. If you spend a good 60 minutes figuring out which files can be removed, you can clean up massive disk space on your Mac. You can check out the Storage tab under the ‘About this Mac’ option and click on the Manage button to find space recommendations. Alternatively, you can go to different folders and check out large files that can be removed.

Step 1. Open Finder and go to the folders like Documents, Downloads, Desktop, etc.

Step 2. Review the files and delete them that you no longer need. Sort files by size to keep large files on the top to make more room for your storage.

Step 3. Empty the Trash to permanently remove the files from your disk.

Uninstall Unused Applications

We install a lot of apps that may not be in use anymore. It is a good decision to check out unwanted apps and remove them from your Mac.

Step 1. Access the Finder bar and go to the ‘Applications’ folder.

Step 2. Identify applications that you haven’t used in the recent past.

Step 3. Drag and drop the app icon into the Trash. You can also right-click on the app icon and click on the ‘Move to Trash’ option. You may need to enter your login credentials.

Step 4. Don’t forget to empty the Trash Bin to completely remove unwanted apps from your Mac.

Manage Media Files

Media files take up a lot of space on your Mac. Deleting a single move can recover over 3GB of storage space. It is recommended to review media files and make room on your storage.

Step 1. Access your media folders such as photos, videos, and music.

Step 2. Delete already watched movies or video songs. If you wish to keep them, you can transfer large media files to external storage.

Step 3. Frequently accessed photos can be kept on cloud storage.

Remove Language Files

Language files take up a lot of space on Mac as it installs multiple language packs whenever you update your Mac. You can review them and uninstall language packs to free up disk space on Mac Device.

Step 1. Go to the Applications folder and right-click on the application icon.

Step 2. Click on the ‘Show Package Contents’ option and go to the Resources folder.

Step 3. All the folders ending with .lproj are language files. You can keep English and delete the rest of the language files, and folders if not in use. You will need to do this exercise with all the applications that you installed on your Mac.

Move Files to an External Storage Device

If you have an external SSD or HDD with a good storage capacity, you can quickly move your files to the external storage device. It is easy to connect the external hard drive and copy/paste files and folders on the external drive. This will make room on your Mac storage.

Configure Storage Settings

You can go to the Apple menu, select ‘About This Mac’ and explore the ‘Storage’ option. Here you can click on the Manage option to manage your storage. You can enable the ‘Optimize Storage’ feature and set it up to upload files to iCloud. You can also enable the ‘Automatically empty the Trash and reduce clutter’ option to keep your storage clean.

Delete Duplicate Files

You can use the Photos app to manually delete duplicate photos or use Duplicate Files Fixer for Mac to automatically find and delete duplicate files, photos, videos, documents, and other clutter from your Mac.

Use the Best Mac Cleaner

If you are unaware of how to free up space on your Mac, you can use one of the Best Mac Cleaners to automatically declutter your Mac storage and keep it clean. The Best Mac Cleaner utility can ensure that it performs a regular check and scan your storage space to clear disk space on your Mac. it also comes up with a lot of inbuilt utilities to offer protection, security, and safety for your Mac and your data.

Final Words

This article on how to free up disk space on Mac Device has the best tweaks that you can perform manually if your Mac is about to run out of storage space. You can also use one of the best Mac cleaners to automate the process and ensure that there are regular checks performed to keep it clean. You can free up huge space on Mac with these manual and automated tips and tricks. Keep it Clean!

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