Website Builders Choose the Free or Paid Website Package

If you want to have your very own website but do not know where to start simply because of a lack of technical know-how or you find website developers too expensive, the best tool to use is an online software like a website builder.

A website builder is your all-in-one tool in creating your first website. All the advantages are on your side: It’s affordable- forget about paying thousands of dollars just to set up your own website; it’s easy- seriously, you can create a website in minutes without knowing any coding skills; and it’s manageable- manage your website from the ground up without any need for web designers or developers to maintain it!

When you sign up for an account at a website builder, you will be prompted to choose a website package. Depending on the type of website you want as well as your needs for your site, you can opt for a free website or a paid website. There are pros and cons to each so read this article to find out.

Which website package should you pick

In general, website builders offer a free website package and a paid website package. The reason for this is because customers have different kinds of needs and the site builders have to accommodate customers who are looking for different services.

Some website builders will have more than one package. Usually this is a free website package and two or more paid packages. Meanwhile, some site builders like to keep it simple for their customers and only offer two- free and paid.

In my opinion, it is easier to decide when there are only two options compared to many options offered. So choose your website builder carefully as there are many out there.

For the sake of this article, we will be comparing the site builder packages of the hPage website builder.

Paid website package vs. free website package

There is a difference when it comes to choosing the site package for your website.

The free website package is completely free without any hidden charges even after signing up. This is the package you typically get after signing up on the website builder. However, you have the option to upgrade at any time even after signing up. Free website packages give you the basic tools in making your website. You get enough tools to build a working site but it will not give you access to the full dashboard and options may be limited.

The paid package usually costs from $7 USD up to $20 USD. Some site builders go higher but it differs according to the paid package they offer. The paid package is supposed to give you full access to all the tools for your website and availability of all premium features.

Let us take a look at the hPage website builder pricing and site packages.

Free website package – who is it for?

The free website package is for people who:

  • Are looking to create a temporary website.
  • Are looking to test the website builder first and determine if it’s for them.
  • Can manage with basic website features.
  • Want to test out self website creation first.
  • Want to start small and then scale big.

Then the free website package is what you should choose.

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Paid website package – who is it for?

If you are looking to scale up your website and you know the steps that you have to do in order to grow your audience, you should start with a website package.
It is for people who:

  • Need a larger website storage space.
  • Are looking to expand their website audience.
  • Want a private membership page on their website.
  • Want other people to manage their website for them.
  • Want to see detailed and comprehensive site analytics.
  • Are annoyed with advertisements on their website.
  • Looking to scale their website with adding widgets and other external features.
  • You have a little bit of money to spare for premium features.
  • You want the best for your website.

Now, go get the paid package!
Whether you choose the free package or paid package for your site, you can be sure that you are able to upgrade or cancel the package any time you feel like it. So start creating you website now!

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