Terms & Conditions

Terms of Services

Firevista.com governs the following use of terms and conditions in the context to its contents, images, services, and products available on the website. The owner of this website is Firevista.com and it is fully controlled by its team members only. Before accessing the website, the user has to accept all the terms and condition, rules and procedures, and the alterations which are published on the website.

Please go through the agreement thoroughly before you access the website. If you use any content of the website, then you become bound to accept all the terms and conditions of this agreement. But in case you don’t accept the agreement, then you can’t access the website or any of its services. All the terms and condition is an offer by Firevista, and acceptance is limited to the terms and condition. Minimum age limit for using the website is 13.

FireVista Account and Site– Creation of Account and blog on the website would be under the whole and sole responsibility of the user. You have to take care of your own blog and account security and take the necessary steps if any action takes place on your blog. Using the keyword in an inappropriate and unlawful manner is prohibited and Firevista has the right to remove such content if it finds an unlawful use of the keywords and description in the blog. If you found any unauthorized use of your blog published on Firevista or threat to the account security, then immediately inform us. FIrevista would not be liable for any damage caused by the omission of activity by you.

Contributor’s Responsibility- If you publish a blog, comment on any other blog, post images in the website, and pass any external link, then you will be responsible if any damage happens to the readers by reading the content. If you post any image, text, audio, graphics, or software then you represent that:

  • Downloading and copying the content will not infringe the proprietary rights and doesn’t hold copyright, patent, trademark, and trade rights of any third party.
  • If your employer has the copyrighted content, then you have to take the permission of the employer for that content and then post the blog.
  • The content must not have any viruses, worms, malware, Trojan horses or harmful and destructive content.
  • The content must not have any pornographic or threatening content and must not cause any violence to the readers.
  • Your content should not be for any commercial use for a third party website or increasing the rankings of third party websites by posting promotional contents.
  • Unwanted messages, spam links, and unauthorized and illegal content are strictly prohibited.
  • The blog should be published by your name only and there should be no involvement of any third party company or an unrealistic name.
  • If the contents have codes, then it should be explained thoroughly to the Firevista team.

Once you submit your content then you have granted us the permission to publish, reproduce, and modify the content without any royalty fee. If you delete any of your content from the website, then Firevista will immediately delete it. But we would be not responsible for the content which has been cached earlier.

Firevista have the right to remove any content from the website if it violates any policy of the Firevista or the content is harmful to the readers or consisting of any objectionable content. We also have the right to deny the access to any user for any reason and we will not bare the obligation of any amount which you have paid earlier.

Payment and Renewal

  • General Terms

Once you select our product or service then you agree to pay one time or monthly or yearly subscription fees to FireVista. It will be charged on the advance payment system and starts from the day you log in with an upgraded account. The payment will be done on a monthly or yearly basis and it is not refundable.

  • Automatic Renewal

We follow the automatic renewal system. Once your subscription expires, then it will be renewed automatically and we will deduct the amount from the details provided by you earlier. For discontinuing our services, you have to make a request in writing to Firevista. Upgrades will be terminated as soon as you make the request.


  • Fees Payment- After signing up with the Services account you agree to pay Firevista the applicable fees and it will be invoiced from the starting date of the services and will bepro\vided to you. Firevista can change payment terms and fees on a thirty days’ advance notice to you. If you want to discontinue the services, then you have to give 30 days’ notice before canceling the services.
  • Support- If you are having an Email Support from us then it means that we will provide you technical assistance via email at any time in a minimum period of seven working days. All the support will be provided to you according to the Policies, procedures, and practices of Firevista.

Responsibility of Visitors

Firevista cannot review all the contents of the websites including computer software, technical knowledge, and any other content. By operating the website FireVista believes that all the material used on the website is accurate and it doesn’t contain any harmful or destructive content. It is your responsibility to protect your computer system from viruses, worms, malware, Trojan horses, and other destructive and harmful content. There might be some indecent, offensive, and objectionable content on the website and as well as technical inaccuracies, typographical errors. The website may also contain materials that infringe the intellectual property right and another party right or violates privacy or publicity rights but FireVista disclaims any responsibility for any damage caused to the visitors by this website or by downloading anything posted on the website.

Contents on other Websites- As we have told you that we can’t review all the materials that are published on the website so therefore any page to which Firevista links or any webpage links to Firevista then we don’t have control over them. We will not be responsible for the content by linking to our website, Firevista doesn’t imply that it has endorsed that website or represents it. You will be responsible for taking protective measures and defending your computer from worms, viruses, Trojan horses, malware, and other destructive contents. FireVista disclaims any responsibility for any damage caused to the visitors by using the non-FireVista websites and webpages.

Copyright Infringement and DMCA Policy- We respect the intellectual property rights of others and expect that others should respect our intellectual property rights. If you find any content or material linked to our website violates your copyright, then feel free to notify us in accordance with the Firevista Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policy. We will immediately respond to such notices and remove all the infringing content from our website and disable all links to the infringing material. Firevista will terminate the visitor who is a regular copyright infringer and will have no obligation to provide the refund amount previously paid to us.

Intellectual Property Rights- Firevista, Firevista.com, and Firevista Logo are registered trademark and all rights are reserved by us. Other trademarks, service marks, graphics and logos used in this website are the trademark of the respective companies or website. We don’t give you the right to reproduce or license Firevista or any third-party trademark.

Advertisement– Firevista has the right to publish an advertisement on your blog or article unless you have subscribed for an ad-free account.

Attribution– Firevista has the whole and sole right to display attribution links to your blogs and some font attribution in the footer or toolbar of your blog.

Partner Product– Once you activate a partner product from one of our partners, then you agree to the terms of service of the partner. You can quit the term of service by deactivating the product of the partner.

Domain Names– If you are transferring a previously registered domain name to a new domain name then you agree that the new domain name fulfills the policies of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) including their Registration rights and responsibilities.

Changes– Firevista has the whole and sole right to modify, replace, or change any part of this agreement and it is your responsibility to inspect the agreement periodically for changes. Your regular posting on the websites constitutes your acceptance for any change done in the agreement of this website. Firevista will publish new offers and services in the future and all such services will fulfill the terms and condition of this agreement.

Termination– Firevista has the right to terminate your access to any part or all the part of the website without any cause and notice would be implemented immediately. If you disagree with the agreement, then you can simply stop accessing the website. If you don’t agree to the agreement and fails to do so within 30 days of the notice period, then you will not be covered under any warranty and indemnification.