Young Talent Programme and the Generation of Tomorrow

With 65 percent of India’s population being below the age of 35, the Republic of India nowadays boasts of being one of the most significant market workforces within the world. With the new concepts, spirit, and an open worldview, India’s population will be a breath of air required to unravel socio-economic challenges.

However, the actual output usually depends on how government bodies, organizations are channelizing the energy of the youth, and society and how well connected this youth is with civic and social issues. 

One good news is that the Republic of India has some sturdy examples where the youth of the nation have a tremendous positive impact on politics, business, and society. The recent years have seen the rise of young Indians as critical and articulate narrative shapers, from startups and companies to the technology industry, travel, and tourism to culture, media, and social commentaries. So here comes the need of the increasing youth talent programs in the nation to uplift its entire credible section. 

Need for Young Talent Programme

Scarcity in vocational training, education, and skills is one of the biggest challenges our country faces. There is an ongoing threat faced by the National Skills Development Corporation of delivering training and retraining to 500 million people by the year 2022.

The goals to meet the challenge include reforming basic education across primary, secondary, and higher education, and significantly enhancing the development of additional skills. 

How to Implement it?

While the government faces the need for faster and better education solutions, it is difficult for them to keep pace with emerging solutions. The introduction of media and seamless communication through technology are few factors that define the modern and younger generation.

Nonetheless, if we wish to unleash India’s real power, the current and the traditional generation need to figure out a way to coexist. One of the main objectives of the Young Talent Programme is to empower young people while creating a talent pipeline between universities and the industry.


The Young Talent Programme is worldwide accredited as the most potent “external success factor” to promote positive outcomes amongst the youth crowd. It is something that can bridge the gap between modern and traditional generations; for, talent hunts have been around for ages. 

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