Why use infographics for learning in kindergarten classrooms?

Why use infographics for learning in kindergarten classrooms
Written by Pradeep Kumar

A kindergartner is capable of so much. But cannot afford to burden him/her with tons of textbooks. Instead, you can employ creative ways to keep his/her attention and give out the maximum information possible for a kid to grasp. It sounds tricky, but when you think out of the box, it’s as easy as it gets.

As a teacher, you need to employ visuals as much as possible because pictures help kids learn better than text. There’s very little left to the imagination of a kindergartener when you provide your students with visual aids.  Thus info-graphics are an ideal tool for teachers to use in the classroom, even more so when they are dealing with minors.

If you are reading as a parent, you need to play your part. When you choose a kindergarten facility for your child, make sure he/she gets an opportunity to learn in an environment brimming with creativity.

Just like many parents in the UAE are placing their trust in kindergartens where children learn through visuals, you can do the so as well no matter where you live. If you live there, all you have to do is to enroll your child in a good Kindergarten school in Dubai for an effective concept building at a young age.

This article further elaborates for you the reasons you must, as a teacher, employ some creativity and use info-graphics to enable productive learning among your students.

Three reasons to use infographics in classrooms!

All kids are born different. They have one thing in common: they’re sponges for learning and welcoming knowledge. Now, as a teacher, your role is to fill those sponges with conveying the information in the right way, i.e., visual aids, and lay the basis for the concepts that will build in their minds over time. 

 Many reasons make it necessary to use visuals and graphics in classrooms. Some of them are as follows:

1. Visuals ease concept building

If you are asked to choose between having to read twenty pages of text and deciphering a couple of flow charts or diagrams, what would you prefer? Certainly, not text. No matter how difficult a diagram looks, you would not let it go. Instead, it is going to make you feel increasingly curious as you continue to develop the understanding of information displayed in the diagram.

Think of it, and you will realize what makes info-graphics more appealing to your students for learning new concepts.

2. More information is conveyed in less time

You can either prepare a thirty-minute lecture or put all the required information in graphical form. The choice is yours, but the results will be in your favor in case of the latter only.  When you use graphics to convey information, you need to speak less, and instead, there will be visuals which kids can see and try to decipher by themselves.

You can help children make comparisons with the help of good graphics and charts.

3. Catch the attention with graphics

Kids can easily get bored in lectures. To avoid such a circumstance, you need to shift from a verbal lecture to displaying information through graphics. Graphics will grab the attention of the kids in your class, which helps you achieve the learning goals quicker than ever before.

These goals define your success as a teacher. When your students in the class reach those goals quickly, you will see yourself as a more successful teacher.

Are you using infographics to help students learn better?

The twenty-first century is the age of innovation. Those who think creatively stand out of the crowd and the rest are left biting the dust. The safest way to go about things at this age is to go for choices that employ creativity and use info-graphics in content deliverance.

When it comes to your child’s early education, follow the same rule. Choose the most trusted kindergarten facility provider. Parents in the UAE have been taking extra care in this regard and are choosing some opportunities available there. If you are looking for a school there, you are fortunate. You can enroll your kid in one of the Kindergarten school Dubai based systems offer for good classroom practices that are conducive to effective and quick learning. Kindergarten lays the basis of all learning your child will go through. Make it worthwhile!

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