Why key card holders are a necessity for your business?

key card holders
Written by Pradeep Kumar

The surging popularity of plastic cards across varied sectors has added to the necessity of having good-quality key card holders to ensure their durability and long-term utility. Whether a debit/credit card or a mere access card, they are expected to be used in the long run. Frequent wearing off or misplacement can create inconvenience to the cardholder.

For instance, a damaged debit card can deprive people of making financial transactions. Similarly, a lost hotel access card can create a hassle for guests who cannot access the facilities unless a new one is issued. To avoid such frequent situations, hotel key card holders can be used to protect the access cards from any damage or loss.

Especially for hospitality businesses, plastic cardholders play a vital role that ensures customer convenience while maintaining professionalism and presentability. Luxury services and presentability are prerequisites in every hotel business where guests expect to enjoy quality and comfort during their stay at your premises. Hence, it becomes imperative to offer all sorts of facilities to the guests with minimal effort from their end.

Features of key cardholders

Much like plastic cards, cardholders are essential in all business settings for ease and convenience in everyday activities. Whether it’s guest onboarding or ensuring monitored access to varied facilities, hotel key card holders help in smooth functioning while protecting the card and its encoded information. Some of the top features of key cardholders are listed as follows:


These cardholders are thin paper-like enclosures that offer a laminated covering to the cards and protect it from external damages. They are extremely lightweight and compact in size that can be carried anywhere around without taking up much space.

Multiple uses:

A well-designed key cardholder is likely to offer multiple uses. For instance, they act as a protective shield for the access card, have relevant information printed, etc. Apart from these, the cardholders also have multiple chambers that allow guests to carry other important cards safely.


Hotel key card holders offer great customization options that add to professionalism and brand image. Along with being a handy accessory for guests, these cardholders can be used as a strong promotional tool to grab people’s attention. People carrying these cardholders are likely to take notice of all that’s printed on them which is a key intention behind all marketing efforts.


As the name suggests, plastic key cards and cardholders are introduced as an upgrade to the existing locking systems that had guests carrying a heavy bunch of keys while in and around the hotel premises. These cards and cardholders have machine-readable codes that make access easier and more convenient than ever.

Benefits of key cardholders

Given the multiple features of key cardholders, their benefits are in large numbers for both the guests and the business. Everybody prefers convenience and comfort while putting minimum effort on their part. What makes for a superior hotel experience is the service quality, standards, and extra amenities.

High-quality hotel key card holders are a basic yet important part of the amenities that add to the guest’s staying experience. Ensuring that your guests have easy access to all the facilities with a compact key cardholder can leave a positive impression and encourage them to make future visits. Some other benefits of key cardholders are discussed as follows:

Reflect professionalism:

Not many acknowledge this but professionalism is often reflected in small gestures and facilities at a hotel such as the additional amenities provided to them. Offering a customized key cardholder with the access card makes handling easier for the guest and establishes a sense of credibility.

Enhanced security:

Issuing cardholders with access key cards assures high security while minimizing the chances of misplacing or losing it. Since these are laminated thin covers that protect the cards, guests can drop them in their pockets or purses without the risk of breaking or damaging them.

Helps in branding:

High customization options available in key cardholders make them a strong marketing tool that can be used effectively to grab people’s attention. One can have important details printed on these covers to communicate them to the guests while strengthening their brand visibility.


Hotel key card holders are probably the most cost-effective amenities one would introduce to their hotel business. These cardholders are available at reasonable prices and the manufacturers offer great customization options to help your business make the most out of these. Also, in case of wears off or is damaged, you can instantly issue a new one that costs the bare minimum.

Summing Up

The use of plastic cards and cardholders is rapidly increasing across varied sectors and has emerged to be a valuable investment for businesses. Whether it’s efficiency, personalization, or branding, plastic cards and hotel key card holders seem to deliver. However, it’s important to maintain the quality of the cards and cardholders as poorly designed or manufactured cards can irk customers and hamper your brand image. One can purchase hotel key cards and holders from K12 Prints, an industry-leading card manufacturing brand that assures top quality in every regard. They have been delivering top-quality products and services over the years with customization as their forte!

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