What to Do When Your iPhone Won’t Charge

There can be many reasons why iPhone cannot be charged. Frayed charging cables, fragile charging ports, software issues, and faulty batteries, all may lead to the issue. To help determine the root cause of iPhone charging problems, please follow these simple troubleshooting steps. 

If however, the fixes do not work in resolving the charging issue, it might be pointing towards some more severe issues that can only be handled by some repair expert. In such cases, make sure that you take your iPhone to some expert who buys iPhone parts wholesale in USA. That way, you’ll get genuine spares. 

Test the Charging Cable

Even if there are no obvious signs of damage, such as a bent tip or untangled cable, test the performance of the USB adapter and charging cable. Replace your existing charging cable with another compatible charging cable and connect your mobile phone. Before buying a different cable, ask a friend or family member to test your charging cable. Because we often use telephone lines, winding and inserting them at strange angles. Thus, it is very common for them to malfunction. 

If the new charging cable solves your charging problem, you’re lucky. If you are using wireless charging, please try to switch to a physical charging cable. 

Try Various Wall Sockets 

Sometimes, the most obvious solution is overlooked. If you are sure that your charging cable is working properly, try using a wall outlet in another room. Sometimes, a circuit breaker can switch without you realizing it, or a light switch can control an outlet. Try to use an alternative wall outlet to ensure that the power source does not cause phone charging problems. 

Check the iPhone’s Charging Port for Dust and Debris

After confirming that the charging cable and power supply are working properly, please check the phone’s charging port for dust, lint, and debris. If you find dust or dirt on the charging port, do not use toothpicks, toothbrushes or any sharp objects to try to remove the debris! Putting a sharp object into the iPhone’s charging port may cause further damage. Instead, gently blow into the charging port or use a small amount of compressed air to remove all debris. Then try to plug in your iPhone again to test whether the charging is successful. Connect the charger to the iPhone that cannot be charged.

Plug Your iPhone into the Charger 

Next, try to put the iPhone on the charger for about an hour. If your device freezes completely, it may take a while to regain enough power to fully turn on; however, after a few minutes, you should see the low battery icon light up on the screen. If you see this low battery icon, please let the device charge until it has enough power to turn on. 

Restart your iPhone

Finally, if the iPhone still cannot be charged after plugging it in for an hour, try to force restart your device. To force restart iPhone 8 and newer iPhone models, quickly press and release the volume up button. Then do the same for the volume down button. Finally, press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo. 

To force restart iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, press and hold the side button and volume down button at the same time until you see the Apple logo. 

To force restart iPhone 6 and earlier iPhone generations, press and hold the home button and side button until you see the Apple logo. Once you see the Apple logo on the screen, your device will turn on again. Connect the iPhone for another 30 to 60 minutes to try to charge it. 

If you still can’t charge after restarting your iPhone, it may be time to visit an iPhone repair professional. If you have to do that, you’ll do good if you choose a repair center that buys iPhone parts wholesale in USA. That way, the charges for the repair might be higher but you’ll get genuine iPhone spares.

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