What is Patent and Why It Is Useful

Written by Pradeep Kumar

A patent is the exclusive right to grant an invention. In other words, a patent is an exclusive right to a product or process. It usually provides a new way of doing something or a new technical solution to a problem. 

To obtain a patent, the technical information about the invention must be disclosed to the public in the patent application. The patentee may grant a license or license to use the invention to other parties in accordance with mutually agreed terms. The owner can also sell the rights to the invention to others, who will become the new owner of the patent. After the patent expires, the protection ends and the invention enters the public domain; that is, anyone can use the invention commercially without infringing the patent. 

So, let’s learn the details of a patent such as what is patent (patent nedir) and what purpose it serves. 

What Rights Does a Patent Provide? 

The patentee has the right to decide who can or cannot use the patented invention during the term of protection. In other words, patent protection means that a third party cannot manufacture, use, distribute, import, or commercially sell the invention without the consent of the patent owner. 

What Kind of Invention Can be Protected? 

Patents can be granted for inventions in any technical field, from everyday kitchen appliances to nanotechnology chips. An invention can be a product, such as a compound or a process, for example, or a process to produce a specific compound. In fact, many products contain multiple inventions. For example, a laptop computer may involve hundreds of inventions that work together. 

Are Patents Valid in All Countries? 

Patents are territorial rights. Generally speaking, exclusive rights only apply to the country or region where the patent is applied for and granted, and is in compliance with the laws of that country or region. 

How to Exercise the Patent Right? 

Patent rights are usually enforced in court on the initiative of the right holder. In most systems, the court has the power to prevent patent infringement. However, the main responsibility for monitoring, identifying and taking action against patent infringers lies with the patent owner. 

Why are Patents Useful?  

Patented inventions have penetrated into all aspects of human life, from electric lights (patents owned by Edison and Swan) and plastics, to ballpoint pens  and microprocessors. Patents provide people with incentives and protection by providing people with the possibility of recognition of their creativity and material rewards for their inventions. At the same time, the mandatory publication of patents and patent applications promotes the mutually beneficial dissemination of new knowledge and accelerates innovation activities. 

By its nature, information can be used by an unlimited number of people at the same time. Although this is undoubtedly completely acceptable for public information, it creates a dilemma for the commercialization of technical knowledge. In the absence of protection of such knowledge, anyone can easily use the technical knowledge embodied in the invention without acknowledging the inventor’s creativity or contribution to the inventor’s investment. Therefore, inventors are naturally reluctant from bringing new inventions to the market and tend to keep their inventions secret. 

The patent system aims to correct the lack of innovative activities by providing innovators with limited exclusive rights, so that innovators can obtain appropriate returns from their innovative activities. These incentives and the dissemination of knowledge of new inventions have promoted further innovation, ensuring that the quality of human life and social well-being are continuously improved.So, that is what a patent is (patent nedir) and how it makes sense to have a patent for a new invention.

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