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What is CRM and why is it needed?

What is CRM and why is it needed
Written by Pradeep Kumar

CRM stands for customer relationship management, which is essentially required to understand the customer’s requirements so that the steps required to make the most profit can be taken. It’s not only the business owner that profits from quality CRM but it’s also the customer. To do it manually is a tedious job and there is always scope for human error. This is why various software systems help in executing this task. Businesses of all scales can benefit from CRM software. A CRM software helps you in accessing customer data, which is used by the software to execute an automated process. The software also helps you keep track of the process and provides insights for better business performance and customer satisfaction. This is how a CRM software functions:

NOTE: Not all CRM software systems provide all of these functions.

1. At the very least, CRM software stores customer data in a searchable database that you can access anytime. The customer’s name, address, online accounts are all stored for easy access. Specific data is used to assign notes to each customer’s documented interaction with the company. The complete information gathered and the customer’s behavior is scored and analyzed to move the prospect leads through the sales process.

2. The software integrates different email platforms like Gmail, yahoo, outlook, etc. to reach maximum customers as possible. The list of customers is sent personalized quotes and offers according to their needs. All documents and details required to execute sales processes are also collected for ease of access by everyone involved. The entire sales process can be kept an eye upon to track progress and changes. When a lead is identified as genuinely interested, the software sends recommendations for the next step i.e., next offer, product, sale, etc.

3. CRM software systems routinely provide summaries of profits and sales performance with exact figures for all customers. This enables you to identify any hiccups in the process and handle them with complete knowledge. The top-tier CRM software systems also generate market and customer pattern predictions, which can be used to forecast revenue. You can now predict the storm before it is on your door and also take more demanding steps for the progress of your company.

It seems like CRM software is the answer to all your prayers but it is not so simple. There is software like ZOHO and KEAP that offer all of these functions but many do not. At the same time, it can initially be a little difficult to get a hang of how to use the software in the best way. Therefore, it is vital that the software you choose is easy to use, offers maximum features, and offers the most bang for your buck. Keep in mind, a good CRM software can take your business to the next level, all that is required is that you procure a good tool and know how to use it.

In general, every company should keep their customers as their priority. Even one bad experience can cost you a customer. We live in the age of options and information overload. Customers have more options than ever for every service. This is why customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. Treat every customer like a King. Whatever their trouble, solve it right away. All companies from Apple and Coca-Cola to your local businesses have started using CRM. Businesses at all levels are benefitting from CRM systems. It is high time you start using CRM to take your business to the next level.

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