Why Water Boat Covers Are An Essential Part Of Boats?

Written by Pradeep Kumar

Water boat covers act as a lifeguard for the boat riders. Just like how a rooftop coating on a house prevents it from all the filth and flakes of nature, in a similar way, a boat cover act no less than a rooftop for the sailors. Many times, the sailors neglect this cost assuming as an irrelevant expenditure without realizing the healthy benefits of the same. Boat covers are investment, worth spending the money on. It should be purchased right at the time of installation to enjoy the return in a concrete way.

Boat covers give innumerable types of benefits, some of them are

  • Prevention from rain- Rain storms at the coastline is something nobody can resist. But you hold the control to save your boat from all the damages caused due to rain. Some people have this misconception of “How can rain damages a boat when the boat itself surf on the water”. If the rainwater enters the hull part or engine of your boat, it can damage the boat in numerous ways. Also, no person wants to have their seating on a soggy and squashy seat. Also, The slippery deck increases the chances of slips and falls. Boat covers are waterproof, which acts as a water-repellant, making it the perfect coverage from the rains.
  • Prevention from Dirt and Dust- Airborne dirt & dust outlast the shine of a boat, which makes it look dull and old, irrespective of the usage of the boat. Boat covers, cover the boat from all the grimes coming on the way.
  • UV Rays of Sun- The Ultra-Violet Rays from the sun can act as an Evil’s eye on the durability of your boat. The sun rays emitting from the sun are strong enough to vanish the color from the carpets. It also breaks the strong bond of the fabric of the seat cover making it hard to use.
  • Prevention from Scratches & Dents- Along with the wind coming in the way, thy also comes with Dents fallen from the twigs, branches, and leaves, which ultimately make our boat look dirty. To prevent this, Boat covers are a win-win go.
  • Storage cost- Usually people pay extra bucks to make proper storage for their boat, but after having a proper boat cover, this cost is minimized since it already prevents all the unnatural happenings.
  • Deterrent to Theft- People usually have a prone to pry their sticky fingers on the things which they find unoccupied. Paddles, Engines are very small elements of a boat that can be easily be taken away. But Boat Covers will make it deterrent to theft, makes it hard to reach
  • Long Durability– Boat covers are usually tight-fitted with zero amount of looseness, which makes it a repellent from all the natural calamities, ultimately increases the durability of the boat than ever.

What to look for when buying a boat cover?

Everything has a specific reason to choose from. Various factors have been examined to make a decision. And just like that, sailors’ decision to purchase a boat cover depends on

  • Breathability-  The boat covers should be enough tight to not let pass any airborne dust or dirt into the boat. Also, not too tight to give it a chance of wear and tear. In a shorter way, it should be breathable. Sunbrella, Performance poly-guard, Poly-Flex, Mossy Oak Camouflage, Double Duck, Boat Duck are the finest fabrics to fit in this category.
  • Water repellency- Covers should be water repulsive. It should be hard enough to fight from all the rainstorms and not let any water come into the hull of a boat. Sharkskin Supreme gives the best water repellency quality.
  • UV/Fade Resistance– The fabric should be powerful enough to be indestructible. The UV rays of the sun should not break the strong powerful bond of fabric involved to make that cover. SunDura & Sunbrella are the perfect UV Resistant materials giving the premium quality.
  • DurabilityCovers should be sufficient to last long. No sailor would want to make such investment on a regular basis. High return is expected by all the sailors. Perfect premium quality fabrics giving lasting return are Sunbrella, SunDura, Sharkskin Supreme, Performance Poly-Guard.
  • Mildew Resistant- The fabric should be chemically treated in the right way to not let any fungi and molds get attached to the cover and reducing its durability and poor to use. Sunbrella & SunDura are out & out the best materials out there for the same.
  • Warranty– This is the most essential factor which every customer wants to be assured of. The warranty period is no less than a promise for our product or service. Sunbrella is the best fabric giving the result of 10/10 for the same.

For a more clear understanding, Check out the Fabric Comparison Chart,

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From the above comparison, It is very clear that Sunbrella is the only fabric that outshines the rest. Also, making it comparatively costly. Although, If your budget is not set for the same, you can also opt for fabrics like Sharkskin, Sharkskin Plus, Mossy Oak Camouflage, Performance Poly-Guard, Poly- Flex, etc. Cotton Fabrics like Double Duck & Boat Duck are cheaper compared to any other fabrics.

Different types of boats require different covers for their shields. Not to worry, Savvy boaters provide the best premium quality covers, covering all types of boats. From Inflatable Boat Covers, Jetboat Covers, Drift Boats, Square Boat Dinghy, Cruisers, Deck Boats, Aluminium Fishing Boats, Boston Whaler Boats, Bass Boat Covers, Center console boat covers, Pontoon boat covers to Jon boat covers. They make custom covers according to your needs. Ranging from Custom Boat Covers to Universal Boat Covers. They also give the proper instructions on how to use the boat covers and the best way to wash and store. If you are looking for a Custom size for your boat, they also provide the proper guidelines on “How to measure to know the best-fitted size for your model.”

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