Types of hot water cylinder that you can go with

Written by Pradeep Kumar

There are mainly two forms of hot water cylinder which are used in most of the households currently. The first one is the pressurized unvented hot water and the other one is the vented hot water tanks which are of older style and concept.

Unvented hot water cylinder

These are very common for all the households and this system does not use any cold water tanks. Rather than using a cold water tank, this hot water cylinder is filled with the hot water cylinders and it is directly fed with the cold water. The hot water cylinders which are provided by Suntask are of high quality and can provide better heating for your household purposes. You can avail better flow rate from this unvented hot water cylinder since they operate under main pressure.

This clearly indicates that your showering or bathing experience will be enhanced.

Another major benefit that you can avail of using this hot water cylinder is that you don’t have to maintain a loft of a cold water tank. This frees up a lot of space meaning that you can store more hot water for your shower purposes. Apart from that, you will also be loading the potential of getting freezing water during the cold winter seasons. The unvented hot water cylinders also produce less noise which can also be considered as one of the advantages.

Vented hot water cylinder

These are the second most common form of hot water tanks which are used by most of the household. These hot water cylinders are also provided by Suntask which is highly efficient in their operations. This hot water cylinder needs to be fed with a lot of cold water which is directed from a header tank. The usage of gravity is undertaken in order to derive and ensure the hot water flow across your home. it usually comes with a vent pipe which is used to link the hot water cylinder with the main header tank which helps in streamlining the cold water towards the hot water cylinder.

Unlike the unvented system, the warm water expansion is undertaken within the vent pipe and inside the header tank. This clearly indicates that it is better than the unvented hot water cylinders to a certain extent.

this system or extremely reliable since it uses your water tank above the shower feet in order to ensure the pressure of the hot water. This monitors the flow of water significantly and ensures that a proper flow is maintained to provide you with the best experience of warm water for your shower. It is also hassle-free and less complicated due to which the installation of vented hot water cylinders is much easier.

Bottom line

The hot water cylinders are heated using external heat from sources such as the solar thermal or gas boiler. The water is first heated and then it is made to travel from a copper coil inside the water tank. The heat will be later transferred from the external source to the water which is present inside the hot water cylinder.

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