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6 Top Tips for Successful Public Speaking

Written by Christina Jones

When you think of impressive public speakers, you will find one thing in common in them. Their enthusiasm for the subject, the kind of charisma and inspiration that is exciting. This is also the best way to attract and keep your audience’s attention. Whether you want to expand the scope of your resume for public speaking or you just want to speak better in front of your clients, these techniques can help you achieve your goals. 

A public speaking course can always help you learn the basics and develop yourself as a speaker. However, the key consideration here is enticing an interest in the listeners about what you are speaking. Follow these tips to speak better in front of your audience. 

Find Your Voice

We generally use two different voices while speaking. Like one when we speak to our bosses over phone. That is your public voice. When we chat informally with friends, that is your private voice. An effective public speaker must first reside comfortably between public voice and private voices, without feeling stage fright. 

A good speech begins with a good speaker, which seems obvious, but is easy to forget between research, presentation, and when the whole person is very afraid to speak in public in front of the audience. Healthy nervous energy can help you move forward, which is a good start. However, successful public speaking begins with establishing an emotional connection with the audience, so first speak to the audience directly. 

Get Clear Messages 

When worrying about public speeches, people tend to think that the overall goal of a speech is not to appear on stage, but rather that the purpose of a great speech is to convey the message successfully. You can do this in many different ways, but it all starts with research, a focused understanding of the topic, and strong storytelling. The benefits of such preparation are high. Increased self-confidence can lead to better eye contact, greater calving ability, so that your speech becomes more enticing. Also, don’t forget that many of the things you have said are things you have not said before. Having beautiful visual aids to go with you and a good understanding of non-verbal communication can really make your speech grabbing.

Do Not Depend Too Much on Slides 

We recommend using keywords instead of sentences or paragraphs on the slide. This can help your audience focus on your message. Another rule of thumb is to make the font size twice the average age of the 


Many times, public speakers are not well prepared. Maybe your assistant created your slideshow and you only scrolled it a few times. Or it may be a presentation that you have rehearsed but haven’t presented before. Be sure to practice your presentation in front of a few groups of people. Present to colleagues or people who represent your target audience. Seek honest and critical feedback on the good, bad, and ugly aspects of the presentation, and it’s also smart to sign up for an exercise so you can review areas that need improvement. 

Get to Know Your Audience

Always meet an audience before going on stage. This is a great way to reduce tension before a speech, not to mention networking and hiring a few last-minute audiences to attend meetings or conferences. If you find a way to incorporate these conversations into speech, you can get extra points. 

Take Time to Adjust to the Environment 

Many speakers begin speaking immediately on stage after introducing. Instead, try to remain silent. This gives you time to brainstorm, take a deep breath, and get used to your audience, and it also gives your audience a chance to get used to themselves. If they are checking emails or replying to the latest news, it will provide a buffer time for them to organize. This pause also sets the tone for the rest of the speech. The rhythm must be constant, efficient and determined.
These are a few key factors to keep in mind to deliver a speech to the public successfully. Public speaking has many challenges and you must practice beforehand to deliver a successful and enticing speech. A good public speaking course will help you learn the details of public speaking and get rid of any barrier that stands between you and your audience and help you deliver a successful and engaging public speech.

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