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Top 10 offbeat destinations to visit on your Europe honeymoon

Top 10 offbeat destinations to visit on your Europe honeymoon
Written by Pradeep Kumar

With more than 40 countries to explore, the continent positioned in the northern hemisphere is a land of love. From indulging in fun-filled adventure activities, witnessing the magnificent beaches with white sand coastlines to exploring the rich culture of each setting as well as hogging on the mouth-watering delicacies offered by aesthetic restaurants, the continent of Europe is one of a kind.
With France, Italy, Spain topping the list of the most visited countries in Europe, various other untapped regions are meant to be explored to the fullest. Providing a glimpse of such locations, here are the top 10 offbeat destinations to visit on your Europe honeymoon.

Top 10 offbeat destinations to visit on your Europe honeymoon:

  • Republic Of Malta
  • Zadar, Croatia
  • Riga, Latvia
  • Abisko, Sweden
  • Slovakia
  • Transylvania, Romania
  • Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Rauma, Finland
  • Cortona, Italy
  • Gutach, Germany

The country of surprises, Malta

From monuments and structures reflecting the rich history to marvellous beaches holding a peaceful ambience as well as picturesque landscapes that are eye-pleasing, the smallest country in Europe has you gripped for great surprises. Head to the cities of Valletta, Gozo, Rabat or Victoria, Qala, Mdina, as the country of Malta not only offers a wide variety of attractions to explore but also an unforgettable vibe. Marked as the most visited country, this setting is a must-visit for all those couples who seek serenity complemented with utmost beauty.

The city of relaxation, Zadar

Though Croatia is known for the relevancy of the series Game of thrones with the city of Dubrovnik, this country is a compilation of aesthetics and tranquillity. Untapped as the city of Zadar is, newlyweds who seek a peace-induced honeymoon find it the most sought-after setting. From streets resembling the rich past of the location to landscapes that spread magnificence like confetti, this city comprising the Zadar cathedral, Sea organ and Church of St. Donatus, is a must-visit.

The city of aesthetics, Riga

Serving as a highlight are the green-filled landscapes that this setting offers complemented with the grand architectures. From magnificent castles narrating a historic story, churches offering the most powerful yet tranquil ambience for couples to numerous parks that offer nothing but eye-pleasing scenic views, the city Riga, being the capital of Latvia is one of a kind and one of the best offbeat destinations to visit on your Europe honeymoon. Head to witness real-life art around the river Daugava, or the lush greenery in the Gauja National Park, not to forget the Riga Cathedral, as this city not just holds a magnificent aura but allows indulging in exquisite beauty to the newlyweds.

The city of Northern Lights, Abisko

What serves as a highlight of this city in Sweden, are the most sought-after Northern lights. From witnessing the magnificence of the Arctic landscapes complemented with crystal clear lakes in the day to soaking in the beauty of the green-blue streaks of lights found in the sky at night, the city of Abisko, is one of the most untapped destinations in the continent of Europe. Newlyweds apart from being a witness to this attraction can also pay a visit to the Abisko national park, Abiskojokk and Silverfallet for some added pleasure.

The country of nature, Slovakia

Positioned in Central Europe, the country is not only famous for its green landscapes full of thick forests and woodlands but also grand architectures that represent the country’s grand history. From the capital city of Bratislava located on the river Danube comprising aesthetically built houses with red tombs to several attractions that are UNESCO certified, Slovakia is undoubtedly one of the best offbeat destinations to visit on your Europe honeymoon . Magnificent castles that have numerous stories to bestow upon the tourists, the country of Slovakia is a must-visit. Either for relaxation or adventure sports, newlyweds who seek a fun-filled honeymoon have to explore this country of wonders.

The region of goosebumps, Transylvania

Known as the region of vampires, this setting in Europe calls for all the thrill-seekers who are into mysteries and fiction. From embarking on a fictional exploration of mythical creatures to witnessing the beauty of the culturally enhanced villages complemented with UNESCO certified churches, in reality, the country of Transylvania is a must explore for all the newlyweds who are looking for interesting destinations. Explore the Bran castle, the Rasnov fortress or the Apuseni mountains for an adrenaline-pumping hike as this region is full of surprises and intriguing details.

The city of numerous cultures, Sofia

The lifestyle and the architectural development in the country of Bulgaria is a mixture of Roman, Greek and Ottoman cultures which makes it truly a magnificent setting to explore. Being the capital of the country, the city of Sofia is best known for Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Boyana Church, Church of St. George, and National Historical Museum. From hiking, mountain biking, camping, to walking down the streets of the past, this city is the epitome of rich history complemented with serenity.

The UNESCO certified town, Rauma

If the newlyweds are seeking a holiday with no drama but peace, and quiet, then this town in Finland is one of the best offbeat destinations to visit on your Europe honeymoon. Known as the oldest city, Rauma is a location that will surprise you with its rich past. Served as the prime setting for the production of paper, pulp and shipbuilding during the world war, this city of Rauma not only gives off an authentic vibe but offers the newlyweds an opportunity to simply relax by visiting the Old Rauma, Kylmapihlaja Lighthouse Island and Lake Ayhonjarvi.

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The town of magic, Cortona

Overlooking the Tuscan valley is the most offbeat setting in the continent of Europe that is positioned in the middle of Rome and Florence. Known to give off the most magical vibe, the city of Cortona is one of the most relaxing locations the newlyweds can ever come across. With magnificent architecture, the city is also renowned for its spectacular weekend markets in the Piazza Signorelli. Apart from this, the couple can visit the Villa Bramasole and Accademia Etrusca as well.

The forestry town, Gutach

Newlyweds who are nature lovers will surely enjoy this setting positioned in the Black forest aspect of Germany. Termed as the most untapped location, the town of Gutach not only serves as a home to green landscapes, hills covered with tall trees but also traditional villages and beer gardens to have an exquisite time. A nature-filled honeymoon is not just unique but also offers an opportunity for the couple to truly experience serenity.

Home to numerous adventure activities, mouth-watering dishes and scenic landscapes, the continent of Europe is a complete package. From most visited settings such as Paris, Italy, France to the untapped locations waiting to be explored like Gutach, Sofia, Abisko, Transylvania, the continent offers the newlyweds a wide variety of options to make their honeymoon one exquisite experience. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to this wonderful land by booking a Europe Honeymoon Package.

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