Top 8 Flowers To Make Your First Valentine Perfect

Top 8 Flowers To Make Your First Valentine Perfect
Written by Pradeep Kumar

14th February is the day of showing your love to the love of your life. And if it is your first Valentine together, then it needs to be special. For your first Valentine, you should consider the preference and choice of your love. And if you are confused, then let me help you out; flowers are the best and safest present for your love. For centuries people are giving flowers on this special day as it has become a token of love and affection for your partner. When it comes to Flowers for love you must have thought of a bunch of red roses but according to me It is a common myth that roses are only the flowers which symbolises love, you can go on the less travelled road as well, here is the list of beautiful flowers that you can present on your first Valentine date.

  1. Tulips: A beautiful bouquet of pink tulips will be a perfect gift for your first Valentine. As pink tulip is a symbol of care and affection. It becomes a perfect and adorable way to express your feelings for your loved ones. And tulips are so beautiful that it can surely melt the heart of your lady on your first valentine.

  2. Daisies: If you love someone who is bright, cheerful and a happy go lucky person, then white daisy is a perfect choice for your first Valentines roses online The white and yellow colour signifies innocence, peace, and happiness and will always put a smile on someone’s face. This flower can be a good choice for the couple who were friends earlier and just started dating each other.
  3. Orchids: This flower is an exotic choice for your first Valentine as it symbolises love, beauty, strength and luxury. The eye-catching purple colour of this flower will infuse romance and love in that moment. This beautiful and elegant flower carry lots of emotional value and becomes a perfect choice for your date.
  4. Lilies – These beauties are also available in wide colour options. And lilies are a symbol of innocence and purity. This can be a great option for your first valentine as they spread love in the purest form possible. Also, the fragrance of lilies is so mesmerising that you cannot hold yourself long, captivating yourself.
  5. Daisies – These are small flowers mostly available in white or pink colour. If you give these flowers to your lady on the first valentine it is very thoughtful because it is a very unique choice. These beauties also symbolize innocence like liles buy as these beauties have a mild fragrance which is very soothing to our noses.
  6. Carnations – These beauties are so captivating in nature and you give them on valentine it is like cherry on the cake. Carnations are present in a wide range of colours but the red carnations are the best to give to your love. As carnations stand for the purest and the strongest bond, don’t If you think you have the strongest bond with her don’t think twice and give her a beautiful bouquet of red carnations. Rich pink is also a very beautiful and captivating colour available in these flowers if you don’t prefer red.
  7. Sunflower – These blooms are just beautiful and radiate happiness. If your girl is a sunny person and loves bright colours so this could be the best option to give her on the first valentine. These beauties are so mesmerising that you cannot take your eyes off them. Also, you cansend flowers online, flower is such a beautiful gift that your girl will surely gonna like it.
  8. Chrysanthemum – These flowers are available in many colours and also their meaning changes with a change of colour. So choose wisely before giving it as red chrysanthemums show love and honesty while violet chrysanthemums show the message of get well soon. If you are thinking of giving it on valentine just choose red chrysanthemums these are the best options to show your love and care to the love of your life.

These are the 8 flowers which you can give to your lady other than roses. Sending rose on valentine is a tradition nowadays, so just don’t follow it as it is, try adding your uniqueness in it. This will surely be loved by your lady and make her fall in love with you all over again.

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