Top 5 Ways to Find Out Hidden Water Leaks

Written by Pradeep Kumar

If you suspect hidden water leaks in your house, you might just look for the common and obvious signs. It’s like checking the back of the cabinet and under the sink for moisture, mold, or odor. However, if your house is over 25 years old, you need to pay more attention to the plumbing system. Check all connections; from water heaters, pumps, valves and hoses to washing machines. If rust or discoloration is found on piping components, water leakage may occur. 

However, not all leaks are easy to find. By knowing these signs, you can easily spot hidden leaks in the pipe. Water leaks promote mold growth, and damages your home. Leak repairs must be done in a timely manner to avoid disasters and expensive repair costs.So, we want to help you find the hidden causes of leaks. 

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Pay Close Attention to Your Water Bills

Unexpected rise in water bills most often speak of some sort of water leakage. When you pay close attention to your water bill, a sudden steep might be telling you that repair work is ahead. Even if your water usage habits haven’t changed, when your water bill continues to rise, the obvious message is that there is a problem with your water system. You may need to repair the leak. 

You may not notice a leak under the sink or anywhere inside or outside the house. But remember, invisible underground pipes, when they leak, you will have to repair them as well. When repairing a leak, a responsible professional plumber will check all of your underground pipes.

Check the Water Meter

There is an efficient way to use the water meter to check for hidden water leaks. To use a water meter when checking for leaks: 

  • Turn off all the water in your home. Make sure all water taps are closed and the dishwasher and washing machine are not in use. 
  • Check if the water meter has changed. If it changes, a rapid leak is likely. 
  • If the water meter does not change, wait two hours and then check again. If there is still no water use and the water meter has changed, you are might be having a slower water leak.

The owner is responsible for repairing the leaks and the water meter, even if the leaks are underground. 

Check your Water Consumption 

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, an average family of four should use no more than 12,000 gallons of water per month. If the amount of water you lose exceeds your home’s expectations, you must repair a leak somewhere in the plumbing system. 

Doing a Toilet DyeTest

You should check your toilets to make sure they are working properly. When there is a water leak, it can remove a lot of water. On average, the water consumed by the toilets represents 30% of the total water consumption. 

Try a toilet dye test to find leaks. This is very simple. Just take some food coloring and put it in the toilet tank. Then wait 10 minutes. If you find color in the container after waiting 10 minutes, you should repair the leak.  

Check Your Outdoor Faucet  

Don’t forget the outdoor faucet. You can check the external plug by connecting the garden hose, turning on the water source, and looking for leaks. If water comes out of the connection when the water is turned on, replace the rubber hose seal. Those who have irrigation systems should be extra careful. Even a small leak in your irrigation system can waste up to 6,300 gallons of water per month.

Connect with an Expert

A professional plumber should check the irrigation system for hidden water leaks every year. If you find a leak of any size, call a professional plumber. The sooner you fix the leak, the better your life will be. A small leak today will turn into a larger leak tomorrow, resulting in higher repair costs and more damage to your property.

Having said that, plumbing requirements are common and can’t always be avoided. However, following the above tips should help you avoid heavy expenses caused due to heavy damages in water lines. Regular inspection will help you detect a leak in its early stages and that way you can avoid huge repairing expenses. 

Just remember you as the owner of the property is solely responsible for any repairing works that might be needing. So, if you are looking for a reliable service for bathroom plumbing repair in Sterling Heights, you can always connect with us. We and our expert team will be more than happy to help you out in any plumbing requirements.

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