Tips to Maintaining Gym Mats

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Many indoor sports activities require the use of fitness mats to improve safety and prevent injuries. However, compared with other types of mats, fitness mats have very specific location, cleaning, care and storage requirements. Strictly following these guidelines will help keep the gym mats in good condition and provide years of quality service. 

Before you Install the Fitness Mats

In cold weather, when the PVC and rubber mats are delivered, they may be a bit stiff. It is usually necessary to leave the products at room temperature for 24 hours to help them return to normal. It will also give the cushion elasticity and help prevent tearing or damage when it is spread out. 

Depending on the country of origin, quality and grade of your fitness mat, there may be several different maintenance methods. However, we assume that you are buying a high-quality product that does not use any adhesive and is at least 15 mm thick. The best way to understand the quality of your fitness mat is to ensure that the correct recycled rubber is as pure as possible, provided it meets the standards. 

How to Clean Gym Mats

First, remove loose dirt and sand from the mat. Then clean the surface with pH cleaner and disinfectant before and after use. This makes the mat as clean and healthy as possible. 

Chemical Disinfectant 

You may need some specific tools to get started. These are simple household tools, such as brooms, vacuum cleaners, mops and buckets, and some sponges or rags. Wear yellow gloves on your hands and hold a spray bottle. Experts recommend the use of disinfectants specially designed for fitness mats. The reason for using a specific disinfectant is not only to improve the cleanliness of the area, but also to not leave any traces of chemical residue on the mat, and as a general rule, always use a fresh solution. 

You can also use vinegar as an inexpensive substitute. If you have installed your fitness mat in the past 72 hours, we recommend that you do not clean your mat for at least 3 days.

Now, we can directly start the cleaning process. First, you have to clean up or suck out all the dirt and grit on the fitness mat. You must ensure that the surface is free of sand and as dry as possible. If you experience traffic jams, you may need to use a neutral pH cleaner. You can find them in the cleaning area of ​​a supermarket or hardware store. You can always find a more affordable way.

Next, you should make sure that the mop you are using does not have loose cotton fibers because they will stick to the surface of the rubber pad. It is wise to buy mops with nylon or microfiber ends to avoid problems. Use the least amount of disinfectant. This is to prevent soap from accumulating on the mat. You want enough food to kill bacteria without flooding the surface of the carpet.

Cleaning the Gym Floor Under the Mat 

Although cleaning under the mat is not necessary, doing so will have long-term benefits. Over a long period of time, moisture and mold will accumulate in the area between and under the mats. This will affect the mats and floors below. In order to extend the life of the mat, it is best to scrub under the mat every few weeks. 

Invest in Entrance Mats 

If you do not have entrance mats, most of the dust will enter the building. Placing mats around multiple entrances to the building will trap dirt and trap moisture before it reaches a clean fitness mat. Facts have proved that this investment is profitable, saving time and money for cleaning the mat and reducing wear and tear. That’s all about maintaining gym mats and how you should do it.

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