Things you should know before going to Pacha club Barcelona

Written by Christina Jones

Europe is one of the most happening places in the world. Happening is defined as a place where something is occurring all the time. That be a dance party or Tomatina, or people gathering and having fun for no reason. Therefore join the Pacha club Barcelona for one of the greatest experiences in your life 

Days and timings

Pacha club Barcelona is one of the best examples of the exquisiteness of Spain. You will find the club open from midday to midnight with 12 hours of constant fun. The club is situated within the coast of the sea so you can also enjoy the view and not just the music. The official address is Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 38, Barcelona. If you are availing the metro, you will need to take L4 Ciutadella I Vila Olímpica. 

The club is located at Olympic port where people from all over the country will be found. It is one of the most alive nightclubs in the city. Known for the terrace views and the great music that keeps people grooving all day. 

History of Pacha club

Pacha club Barcelona is not the first and only club from the brand. Pacha is a lifestyle brand that comes to aid for people who are into bettering themselves. They have a club franchise that is spread all over the world. 

It started from a beach town in Sitges where the first club from the brand was started in 1967. This followed with the setup in Ibiza which was in 1973 which extended to become a hotel under El Hotel Pacha. Today the brand has clubs in United States, Brazil, Germany, Egypt, England, Russia, Austria, and even Pacha club Barcelona. 

What can you expect in the clubhouse? 

As per the ambiance Pacha club Barcelona offers a sleek and relaxed atmosphere. Not only that it brings the breeze of the sea to the dancing guests. The club is located over the terrace where you can enjoy cooling drinks and get immersed in the scenery. One of the most visited Pacha clubs in Ibiza. But the club brings in the environment of Ibiza in Barcelona. You will find beautiful neon lighting and lovely furniture with a wooden finish. 

The clubhouse is perfect for hosting intimate parties in the VIP section. You can also have the perfect night out with the sea breeze hitting the face and some drinks. All you need are some friends and the stamina to dance all night. However, due to its popularity, you may find some difficulty in getting a table for a lot of people. Therefore it is better to book one beforehand. 


The music of the club is varied but the DJ ensures an experience of a lifetime. Some of the tunes that you will sway your hips to are; hip-hop, Electronic dance music or EDM, techno music, and sometimes even trans music. You just have to listen to it to feel the vibe and then move your body with the beats. 

That’s not it, Pacha club Barcelona loves to educate people on music by playing different genres every night. Experience the style of different international DJs that will bring their unique styles to you. In 2019, it was placed among the world’s 100 best clubs. Not only that you can enjoy the awesome beats but you can also give yourself a downer with the great restaurants over the terrace. 

One of the best things about music is it will drive your mind and your body. the energy and the ambiance created by the DJs are amazing. It will start from a mild soothing evening and then move on to a big bash with music blaring in the ears. You will feel the beats get denser and your energy only rising with it.  


Socializing is not that easy if you do not know how to express yourself. Some places need more effort while others just produce the vibe to socialize. Pacha club Barcelona is one of the places where you can properly express yourself among a large group without feeling weird about it. Let the music speak for you and channelize your emotions.

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