The Real Cost of Inaccurate Postal Address Information

The Real Cost of Inaccurate Postal Address Information
Written by Christina Jones

Data mistakes cost companies between $10 and $14 million each year. Around 80% of businesses feel that data concerns have impacted their revenue. However, poor data quality has a far-reaching influence on the company’s bottom line. Companies’ public image and day-to-day operations are also harmed. Businesses are unable to function to their full potential because of inaccurate records. Among the issues they confront are data leaks, dissatisfied clients, and more.

Postal addresses are a common target for these kinds of data quality concerns. It’s more challenging to keep the email and personal data clean than keep postal address data clean. Consequently, companies suffer greatly when their mailing addresses are incorrect because they lack postal validation software.

This article should serve as a starting point for your research to improve postal address data quality. Learn how poor data quality affects postal addresses.

Postal Address Data Quality Problems: What Are They?

Inaccurate, incomplete, misleading, or out-of-date postal addresses are examples of poor data quality in postal address records. Inaccuracies in these records lead to delays in service. In addition, firms cannot utilize them for KYC or AVS checks since they don’t meet the requirements.

The lack of address verification methods is the most common cause of poor postal address data quality. Inaccuracies build-up when firms acquire clients’ contact information but don’t verify it. Another major cause of poor postal address data quality is inconsistency in the verifier’s checks. Because individuals and companies often relocate, it is vital to do regular checks to ensure that the data is accurate.

What’s the problem with insufficient postal address data?

Postal address data quality is something we should all be concerned about. But why is it important? In addition to financial losses, improper postal addresses may cause additional issues.

Productivity Is Degraded.

Around 30 percent of the time spent by analysts on data validation is over 40 percent of their total time. These figures demonstrate the detrimental effects of inaccurate information on your performance. You don’t need to double-check anything if you are confident that the records are correct. It frees up time to work on more important projects and make more intelligent choices. The quality of postal addresses is critical since numerous departments within a firm often use them.

Impact on a Company’s Reputation and Data Security

When a firm’s direct mail is repeatedly misdelivered, it reflects poorly on the company. Consumers get upset and question the credibility of such a brand. There is also the fact that if you are unfortunate enough to spill your details, everyone will know about it. Data leaks may have a lasting impact on your reputation.

Lack of Automated Functions

Automation software is a must for any contemporary organization. Without it, you cannot compete in productivity, marketing, and sales against your rivals. Automated systems perform worse when address data is of poor quality. Errors increase, and automaton skills are reduced as a result. The address verification program should be used before adding a record to your database.

Customer Dissatisfaction

Customers expect delivery times and mails to be on time and correct. Many people avoid typing in their address when making a purchase or verifying an order. You should expect to see more disappointed consumers if you don’t have automatic address validation and autocomplete.

Loss of Capital

This is a glaring repercussion of insufficient data. You’ll have to try again when you can’t get there on your first try. It requires more significant effort and resources. A company’s losses increase as more mail is misdelivered or delayed. Poor postal address data quality might drain your wallet.

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