The key reasons for the increase in the Custom Lapel Pins Price

the custom lapel pins price
Written by Christina Jones

Enamel pins are known to be expensive because you must create a mould to produce an enamel pin. However, it doesn’t matter whether you make one pin or 1000 pins. The mould costs the same and hence affecting the custom lapel pins price.  And, since the mould is the most expensive part, the fewer pins you make, the more expensive the pins will be. Most people order small quantities, so the price per pin may seem high, but they are paying to create a mould and spread the cost over few pins.

A typical enamel pin mould costs $50. If you only order one pin, you would pay a minimum of $50 to cover the cost of the mould.  In addition to this fact, the custom pin company also has to cover the cost of design, manufacturing, and shipping, so to order one pin, you most likely would pay about $100, which is one expensive pin.

The Overview of Difference in price

Most people are not willing to pay $100 for a single enamel pin, and no matter how high the custom lapel pins price is, companies set a minimum order of 50-100 pieces. The spread mould cost over many pins instead of just one and reduces the overall cost of the pins.

Let’s assume you order 50 pins.  If the mould costs $50 for each pin, it would cost $1.00 per pin.  But again, the custom pin company has to cover the cost of design, manufacturing and shipping. When ordering 50 pins, you likely would pay about $250 and an average of $5.00 per pin.  If you ordered 100 pins, the average cost per pin would drop to about $2.50 per pin.

Tips to improve the quality of the pin

The pricing is dependant on the quality of the custom pins as well. Following are the methods o improve the quality of the pins to have a higher custom lapel pin price.


The standard thickness of custom pins is 1.2 to 1.5mm thick.  If you want a more substance pin, you can make the pin thicker for a price increase. But this is not common, so you still get a quality pin.

Hard enamel vs soft enamel

Soft enamel is cheaper than hard enamel because hard enamel is hardened by heat and then polished off smooth.  This extra step in labour makes hard enamel more expensive, but choosing hard enamel over soft enamel isn’t choosing quality. It is choosing preference.  If you asked 10 people, 5 would prefer soft enamel, and 5 would prefer hard enamel.  So, cheaper didn’t make it lesser quality. It just made it different. In case the custom lapel pins price increases, the choice of material can also alter.


This is probably the most legitimate area that can be changed to make a pinless expensive.  Iron is less expensive than brass or copper.  BUT this is a big but.  You cannot tell the difference when the pin is finished because of the gold or silver plating.  And iron pins are just as durable.  Either will look the same when finished and generally have a high custom lapel pins price.

Difference of Pricing indifference of Companies

There are a lot of different lapel pin companies. With just a simple search on any search engine, you will see the results for many lapel pin companies. Even if there are a lot of lapel pin companies, you should choose the best lapel pin company for you, which has a vivid custom lapel pins price. A lapel pin company that suits your needs. In choosing a lapel pin company, you need to consider the quality of their products. Know what materials they use to make lapel pins. You can also search for some reviews about the company to ensure they can give you the best and high-quality lapel pins you need.

Lapel pins can be created with different designs. Some have the logo of a company, or other lapel pins have the design of flags of different countries or simply a message-slogan. The custom made designs have been the pivotal reason in a variety in price.

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