10 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Kids to a Summer Camps

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Written by Naeem Shaikh

Parents are forever worried if time away from home can cause their children a sudden growth spurt. Or if they would come back as changed people. Yes, your kids would come back as changed people but in the best way possible. Talking about growth spurt, a structured environment at summer camps in Pune can foster the life skills of children. It stimulates the mental development of the child and makes them react to various situations in life with admirable competence. 

Here are the top ten reasons why you should send your kids to a summer camp this summer.

10 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Kids to Summer camps in Pune

Build unique interests

Kids might be interested in things apart from what they are offered at schools, such as archery, game designing, drawing, or painting. Summer camp is one good place where the child gets a distraction-free environment, where he can build his interests and kickstart on the existing ones to find out where they’d take him.

Helps child break through prejudices and categories

A permanent setting can lead to labeling and categorization. Our environment shapes us, and the fixed environment at school can name your child as studious or bookish when he could be ebullient and animated in another setting. Summer camps in Pune, such as Cedarwood, help kids to break out of their ill-fitting labels and bring out the best in them.

Take a plunge into new skills

School might offer extracurricular activities but camps let kids take a deeper plunge into them. It is through focused activities that specific skills can be developed, and kids get immersed in their favorite activities without any fear of failure. 

Here is where kids get to make new friends

Kids with similar interests tend to make easy friendships, and it is at summer camps where ‘people meet their people’. This is a kind of networking and kids would want to stay in touch with each other even after the camp gets over. 

Stimulates the mind through physical activities

Summer doesn’t have to be a month of inactivity or lull when there are summer camps in Pune ready to lift off your kids from their couches and set up reality out of the video games they love to play. Camps also show kids how to make games instead of playing readymade ones.

Causes kids to feel a sense of empowerment and independence

Camps provide a setting for kids where they can be themselves and make their own decisions in the absence of parents. It leads to self-exploration and causes kids to be independent. Kids start to lean on their peers for additional support, and they learn to give and take help.

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Boosts self-confidence

Where there are no looming fears of losing, self-confidence takes surprising heights. Camps ensure an atmosphere where kids can fly above their horizons and learn about themselves. Furnishing existing skills might want them to take the most dreaded step in school after summer holidays- if the child finds out that he isn’t bad at tennis, then he would want to sign up for the school’s tennis team the next term. Who knows where this step might take them.

More room for creativity, no room for judgment

Creativity flourishes when it’s not graded. In a restriction-free environment, where the kids don’t have to worry about failures or judgments, their creativity can take a great leap. Coding is technically a skill but making games by coding becomes expressed creativity. Summer camps in Pune go a far way in letting creativity fly and provide kids with an opportunity to make the best out of a judgment-free setting.

Influences the character development of kids

It is through budding friendships, independence, self-confidence, and a sense of belonging that a child becomes a strong, solicitous, and competent adult. In other words, camps promote the all-round character development of your kid.

It instills a feeling of gratitude and appreciation in the child.

Children miss what they have at their home but not at the camp. A brief time away from home makes kids appreciate their parents, home, meals cooked by ma or pa, and whatever they don’t have at the camp. 

Summer camp is all about entertainment and fun. It certainly lets kids make the best and the most out of their free time during summer. With the benefits mentioned above, you don’t have to think twice about sending off your kid to Cedarwood, one of the best summer camps in Pune. Get them going for a productive summer! 

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