Success Factors for the Main Coffee Producing Regions of Brazil

Success Factors for the Main Coffee Producing Regions of Brazil
Written by Christina Jones

Coffee is one of top 5 agricultural commodity of export for Brazil. It has long been this way and the geographical factors play a big role as many regions in Brazil are suitable for the growth and harvesting of coffee.

Among these regions, the three principal ones are: Cerrado Mineiro, Matas de Minas, and Sul de Minas. Some factors play a role in determining the success of a region as a coffee growing one. The three mentioned are the major coffee growing regions because the requirements are duly met. Let’s find out what are the success factors for the main three coffee growing regions of Brazil.

If you are looking to buy coffee from Brazil, you should consider buying it from one of these three regions.

Cerrado Mineiro

A key factor in the success of the main coffee growing regions of Cerrado Mineiro, demonstrated a more modern coffee production model composed of medium and large coffee farms. With the widespread use of agricultural technical tools and modern management techniques, Cerrado Miniero has been one of the successful growing regions of Brazil. 

These farms are at a constant search for the production and quality of the bean. In addition, local farmers have been collaborating to achieve common goals, such as participating in international fairs to promote coffee. More and more producers are adopting modern tools for cost and productivity management.

Use of various sales channels (cooperation, direct trade, export, etc.), including risk protection tools such as forward contracts and derivative products has also contributed towards its growth as the major coffee growing region. 

Matas de Minas

Matas de Minas region, represented by the strength of agriculture and family crops, has a strong appeal in terms of sustainability certification, fair trade and carbon credits. However, managing small properties requires high processing costs (pruning, harvesting, labor cost, etc.). Most of the farmers here are families with traditional property management. There is a lack of support agents for farmers, such as cooperatives and government entities. International buyers have approached local farmers to search for certified quality coffee. 

Due to its topography, the area is also characterized by a low degree of mechanization. Due to the maintenance and improvement of machines and the maintenance of labor-intensive production structures, the costs of processing coffee on the farm are high. The lack of strong farmer associations and cooperatives is mainly due to the distrust of local producers towards existing organizations. 

Sul de Minas

The Sul de Minas region includes traditional coffee producers and more specialized coffee farms. Considering the use of a large amount of labor, the production costs of most farmers are high and their income is highly dependent on the cooperative’s pricing system. Sul de Minas is utilized for cultivation mainly by medium and large-scale farms, and the selling is done mainly to local cooperatives. 

These are the factors that affect and measure the success of the major coffee growing regions, Cerrado Mineiro, Matas de Minas, and Sul de Minas of Brazil. As you can see, different regions have these factors affecting them in different ways. Somewhere the factors are conducive for the growth of high-quality coffee, whereas at others, they are not so much developed.

Somewhere, the geographical and local administration facilitates the production of coffee, whereas the other areas have some other factors aiding to the growth of coffee there. 

In short, these regions have grown to become the largest producers of coffee in Brazil, and the factors discussed play a major role in the coffee production of that region.

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