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Cloud has a fair advantage than a local computer and having your mailbox data on the cloud is the way these days. Office 365 is the perfect example of the cloud platform for storing mailbox data. Many of us want to go this way from the old exchange mailbox on the local device. But getting the data from the local device to Office 365 is tricky, but importing the OST file can get it done.

Today, we are going to learn about how to import OST files to your Office 365 account. There is no direct method to import OST files to Office 365 but you can still try out a few things. But first, let us look at the reasons for the importing of OST files to office 365.

Reasons to impost OST files to Office 365

  • Online advantage of Office 365 and accessibility
  • Exchange server can crash and you might need a reliable platform
  • Can’t afford downtime in critical situations

Now, let us focus on how to import the OST files to Office 365 without any issue.

Procedure to Import OST files to Office 365

As we’ve mentioned that there is no direct method to import the OST file but there are alternatives. You can look at them and see which one fits your needs and proceed according to that.

Convert to PST and then Upload to Office 365

It is an indirect method to upload the OST files to Office 365 and you will learn all about it. There are many methods to convert OST files to PST files but the most affordable one is listed here.

There are many ways to convert the OST file to PST and most of these take your valuable time.

Create New PST

You should open Outlook and then create a new PST file in the mailbox. Now, open the mailbox and transfer the desired data from the mailbox to the newly created PST. This will take time and you have to do it manually.

Archive feature

You can also use the archive feature on the Outlook and then select Cleanup Tools Archive. Then you have to select a folder and browse for the destination to save the files.

Migrate PST to Office 365

To migrate the PST file to office 365 you need to install Azure AzCopy, it is a simple tool designed especially for that.

  • Download and install the Azure tool and copy the SAS URL as it will provide the necessary data to import the PST file.
  • Now, you need to upload the PST files to office 365 and then create a PST mapping CSV file.
  • Now, you would need to create an import job in office 365 and start the process.

Now, this is the preferred method for most of the people but what happens when you aren’t able to access your OST file.

Well, in that case, you would need the help of an expert who can solve the problem for you.

Third-Party OST to Office 365 Converter Tool

Yes, there are many third-party tools available on the market to convert the OST file to PST with ease. The Shoviv OST to Office 365 converter is the best tool available out there in the market. It is best suited for this kind of problem when your OST file is damaged or corrupted due to unforeseen circumstances.

The Shoviv OST to Office 365 converter also helps in recovering the permanently deleted emails. They also provide a trial version of the product for the audience to have a proper look at the tool.

Here are the Steps to Convert OST to Office 365 Mailbox

  • First, you have to install the OST to Office 365 converter tool on your computer and then launch it.
  • Now, you have to click on the Add OST file button from the top ribbon in the tool.
  • Now, you can browse or add OST files and click on the OK
  • You will be able to see the contents of the OST file in this step, right-click on the mailbox and select ‘Save all Files in Office 365 file format’ option.
  • In the next, you will be able to filter out the messages via various options.
  • Now, you have to choose the Export and Create a new PST file from the export section and click on the Next button.
  • Now, the process of the conversion will begin and you can monitor the situation.

After you have a new PST file, use the Azure AzCopy method to import it on Office 365. Azure AzCopy method is one of the best ones to import PST in Office 365.

So, you have both options available, choose as per your needs and requirements. But I recommend you to third party method to convert OST to Office 365, because this method is easy and safe. By using third party method you can recover all most 100 percent data from Exchange OST to Office 365 format.

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