Privacy Policy

Firevista is operating and may operate some additional websites as well. It is our policy in respect of your privacy regarding any information we take while you are operating our website.

Visitors on our Website

Likewise, other websites, Firevista only collects non-personal identifying information of the user like web browser, servers, language, referring sites, and the date and time of the visitors. We only collect non-personal information just to find out the preferences of the visitors and how they use our website. We may show you the non-personal information through the reports in the trends section of this website that how the user makes use of this website.

Sometimes we also collect the potential information of the visitors like Internet Protocol Address of the logged users and the comments they post on our blogs and article. Firevista can only see the IP Address and the Commenter’s email I.D. if the visitor is logged into Firevista. All these potential information is open to us but it is not disclosed to any of the general visitors.

Collecting Personal Information

The personal information that we collect totally depends on the frequency of interaction we have with our visitors.  If the nature of interaction deep, then we need more information about the visitor. For E.g.: – If a visitor only wants to create an account on our website then we will only need his username and email I.D. but in case if he wants our service then we would need the financial information for doing the smooth transactions. Firevista only collects the required information and nothing more than that. We do not disclose any personal information in the general public and it totally depends on the visitor that whether he is comfortable in providing his personal information or not we do not force any of our visitors.

Aggregate Statistic

Firevista may gather information of the visitors related to his attitude and behavior on the website and can display this information in public but we assure you that we do not disclose any of the personal information to others.

Protection of Personal Information

Firevista only discloses personal information to its employees, affiliated organizations, and contractors who: –

  • Needs Information to process it on the behalf of Firevista.
  • Provide Services of FireVista.
  • Have agreed to keep the information confidential and not to disclose it to others.
  • Have given the consent to us to provide information to those who are living outside the home country.

Firevista assures you that it won’t rent or sell any information about the visitor to anyone. We will only disclose the information in the following cases: –

  • Orders by court or judiciary.
  • Orders by the Government.
  • If Firevista has to protect its Copyright and other rights.

If you are a potential and registered user of Firevista and you have given us your email address, then we will occasionally send you emails of new features, latest blogs, feedbacks, or just to keep you updated with the latest changes and what’s going on Firevista.

Firevista takes all the necessary measures to keep the information protected from unauthorized access, leakage or destruction of the information.


Whenever the visitor visits our website or returns on our website, we store a string of information on the visitor’s computer that his Brower provides us. We use cookies to identify the user’s preferences, website usage, website usage, and the behavior of the visitor. The visitors who are not willing to store cookies on their PC should disallow it in the browser before accessing our website but certain features of our website may not work properly if the visitor does so.

Business Transfer

If by any chance a third party acquires Firevista or it becomes bankrupt, then all the information would be transferred to the acquirer. You agree to such transfer of the information to the FireVista’s acquirer and allow the acquirer to use the information as set forth in the policy.


Some ads are published on our website by our advertising partners and they also set cookies. These cookies help the ads server to recognize the behavior of the user on the computer. Then the advertisement networks display the ads according to the interest of the visitors. Therefore, this privacy policy only covers the use of cookies created by Firevista and we do not cover the cookies created by our advertising partners.

Changes in Privacy Policy

From time to time we make minor changes in the Privacy Policy of our website. Therefore, we request our regular visitors to keep an eye on the privacy policy of You must regularly check our privacy policy page to know the minor changes. If you are a registered member of FireVista, then we send emails alerts and inform you about the changes. Your acceptance will be constituted if you use this website regularly after the privacy policy have been changed.