Oversized mirrors: Benefits & Expert Design Tips

Oversized mirrors
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Oversized mirrors are a fun prop that can add a classic twist to modern home decor. One can completely transform their room design using a large oversized mirror. It is probably one of the most versatile elements in home decor that enhance the overall ambiance of the room. Not just in terms of interior aesthetics, large-size mirrors offer a lot of practical uses. Whether it’s your daily makeup routine or catching a glimpse of yourself every time you step out, a large-size mirror is sufficient to get you going.

Based on the structure and design of your room, a mirror can be used in varied ways to enhance the room decor. The best part about mirrors is their versatility, functionality, and decorative possibilities. Mirrors can be simple, artistic, or some ornate statement pieces. However, be it choosing Sydney showerscreen or oversized mirrors for your home, there’s an art to it. A mirror can highly compliment your home decor given that it’s installed in the right place thoughtfully. The mirror should not only add character to a specific room but also offer functionality.

In addition to the design aspect, you should be mindful of other factors like the quality and size of the mirrors. A large oversized mirror should not only reflect your appearance but also create a space illusion while making it more warm and welcoming. Mirrors can act as the focal point in a room and give a dramatic touch to the overall interior design. Investing in a good-quality mirror can be advantageous in a number of ways. If you understand the home decor elements and position mirrors in the ideal spaces, the following are some benefits that you’ll enjoy:

  • Makes spaces look bigger: One of the easiest ways to create space illusion and make a room look bigger is getting large oversized mirrors on the wall. The reflecting ability of the mirror glasses makes small and compact rooms appear to be spacious. For example, you can create the illusion of more space by placing a large mirror on a wall adjacent to an open door to make the room look and feel more expansive.
  • Increased brightness: Mirrors reflect light that makes them ideal for increasing brightness in closed spaces or rooms. If you have a room that does not receive sufficient natural light or is dark, placing a large-size mirror can brighten up the space. It is important to maintain that the mirror is placed in a position where it can reflect the outdoor view in your room.
  • Make a statement: Large mirrors are always great to make a style statement on a grander scale. Adding a large oversized mirror helps enhance other design elements in the room due to its reflective ability. A mirror can be coupled with unique and artistic frames to make a strong aesthetic impact. If you are low on budget or looking for minimalistic decor ideas, using fancy mirrors is the best choice. Placing mirrors on empty walls can make the space more interesting.

Expert Design Tips

While a large oversized mirror can be a great way to upgrade the aesthetic appeal of the room, there are certain things that one must keep in mind. The versatility of these mirrors can open varied design opportunities given that it sits well with the structure, size, and theme of the room. There’s an art to using mirrors in home decor, be it for Sydney showerscreen or other living spaces around the house. Assessing the room space and existing decor is essential to picking that ideal mirror that’s missing. Here are some expert design tips that can help you make the most out of mirrors in your house.

#1 Oversized is the key

The size of the mirror highly alters its impact in a closed space. One can never go wrong with a large oversized mirror in place. Large-sized mirrors create a strong impact and focal point on the wall grabbing all the attention. Always consider buying an oversized mirror as per the size of the space to ensure a more dramatic and expansive view of the room. Place an oversized mirror in the right position for a beautiful and striking appeal.

#2 Choose the right position

Rightly said, the positioning of the mirror is another crucial factor that you can’t go wrong with. Mirrors’ ability to reflect makes spaces feel larger and brighter. No matter whether you have a compact or dark room, placing a large oversized mirror in the right position can resolve most of these issues. Be sure to position your mirror opposite to anything that you would like to see get reflected. It can be opposite the doorway, windows, or chandelier at times.

#3 Focus on contrast

There’s no definite way to design a home interior with mirrors. You can literally go as dramatic, vibrant, or minimalistic as you want. One of the major advantages of using mirrors as a decorative element is their potential to get an exclusive look for your room. You don’t have to stick to one size, pattern, or design. Room mirrors are available in varied antique and sober options. However, note that you don’t have to maintain parity with the existing home decor when choosing a large oversized mirror. Most experts prefer using contrasts to bring out an unsettling fun-house effect.

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