Five Reasons Why Outdoor TV Enclosures in Australia are in High Demand in 2021

Written by Christina Jones

Homeowners across the country are looking for ways to escape pandemic-related stresses in 2021. Unfortunately, most stress-busting activities can’t be carried out without social distancing. Hanging out with your loved ones in public spaces is out of the question.
That’s why many homeowners are looking to optimize their outdoor spaces and create comfortable relaxation spots. According to a recent Forbes survey, creating outdoor kitchens is the number one priority for homeowners.
Second, on the list is creating outdoor TV enclosures. Screened enclosures with three to four furniture items and large TV sets are extremely popular among Australian homeowners. Here are five reasons why every homeowner wants to get an outdoor TV enclosure Australia 

1. Host Get-Togethers Safely and Peacefully

Creating an outdoor TV enclosure on your property means –

  • Setting up outdoor seating spaces with furniture items.
  • Adding fireplaces or firepits to create warm and cosy environments in the backyard. 
  • Installing a high-quality television set for group viewing.

When you combine these three, you get the perfect recipe for a fun gathering. Family members can enjoy movies, sports events, etc., while socially distancing. Unlike indoor spaces, outdoor spaces are more spread out, so family members don’t need to crowd around the TV set.

2. Get Optimal Sunlight and Relaxation

Two of the most potent anti-COVID weapons are Vitamin D and happiness. People who rate themselves “happy” typically produce higher amounts of antibodies. These antibodies support the immune system and defend against viruses.

Positive emotions can do wonders for your immune system. Unfortunately, positive emotions have been hard to find during the lockdowns. Mental stress-related issues are plaguing people of all ages across the country.

That’s why something as simple as setting up an outdoor TV enclosure can make a huge difference. As family members, friends, neighbours, etc., bond during these gatherings, their mental and physical health will improve.

Plus, unlike regular TV viewing, viewing your TV in an outdoor enclosure means that you will also receive Vitamin D. Vitamin D exposure is critical for boosting our immune systems. By spending time in outdoor TV enclosures, homeowners can get healthy doses of –

  • Serotonin Boosts: When we experience “positive emotions”, our brains release serotonin – a mood-stabilizing hormone. Serotonin stimulates monocytes and lymphocytes to strengthen our adaptive immune systems.
  • Vitamin D Boosts: High levels of vitamin D lowers the risk of picking up severe COVID19 infections. The “sunshine vitamin” also contributes to skin cell regeneration and healthy metabolism.

3. No More Weather-Related Hassles

The latest LED TV enclosures come with water and dust protection features. These enclosures are extremely user-friendly as they have little to no maintenance requirements.

  • High-quality TV enclosure sets come with weatherproof TV cabinets which preserve and protect the television from sunlight or moisture damage.
  • LED TVs produce ultra-clear images, even when they’re under sunlight.
  • High-quality TV enclosure sets also feature strong front panels. These shatter-resistant panels can be locked (the enclosures come with lock-and-key systems) to prevent theft, vandalism, etc.
  • Top sellers of TV enclosures also offer reliable after sales services. These professionals can even help install the enclosure sets in porches, patios, or backyards.

Overall, weather-resistant and affordable TV enclosure sets are extremely user-friendly. This is why even budget-conscious homeowners are opting to upgrade their outdoor living areas with TV enclosure sets.

4. Long-Lasting Investment 

Electronic appliances and products typically don’t gel well with moisture, heat, and other environmental threats. That’s why placing TV sets outdoors was always considered a controversial idea. However, the top sellers of TV enclosure sets have made these products extremely secure, easy to use, and damage-proof.

A high-quality outdoor TV enclosure will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property and its financial value. These sets can last for years without picking up sunlight damage, moisture damage, etc. They can also come with extra fans or heaters, depending on the user’s seasonal requirements.

5. Built for Outdoor Adventures

Buying a high-quality outdoor TV enclosure is completely different to placing a regular TV in a normal cabinet in your backyard. High-quality outdoor TV enclosures come with advanced weatherproofing features. They’re designed to allow airflow to pass through the TV so that humidity or heating doesn’t affect the TV’s performance.

Overall, outdoor TV enclosures are safe and extremely useful products that many Australians are using to fight the post-pandemic blues!

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