Flowers That Add To Your Beauty: Magical Flowers For Your Hair, Body And Skin

Written by Pradeep Kumar

Flowers come in different colors and sizes. They are use for beautification and rejuvenation. The spelling binding aroma of a flower charms anyone. Specific flowers are given very much importance due to their medicinal properties. Flowers can be use for their external beauty but are much more in demand due to their herbal properties. The most beautiful and captivating forms of life created by God on earth.

Flowers have the natural ability to make anyone smile effortlessly. They are sent to someone through online flower delivery in Indore to convey love, gratitude, and good luck. It is only the flowers that are used to congratulate someone and as well to pay condolence to someone. Imagine such simple living forms teach us so much about life that irrespective of whatever situation you face, one should always try to make someone smile and radiate colors to their life in the form of happiness and love. The medicinal properties of flowers have always been in use ever since ancient times. Certain flowers have medicinal properties, which are use for hair, body parts and skin.

Certain flowers are not just used for their ornamental purpose. Some flowers are use to make a soothing toner, organic body scrub or body soap; some flowers are use to make a homemade face wash; others are use to make refreshing tea and drinks. A few flowers act as a stress buster; they even help in skin problems. The pulp of certain flowers is used to make hair packs and face packs. Flowers have herbal properties in abundance. Their herbal properties are used in many possible ways to improve the condition of our hair and skin(online flower delivery in Indore).

Here are a few flowers that are used for their herbal properties. 


The Dandelion got its name from a French word meaning lion’s tooth. Dandelions make the best body oils. The leaves and flowers of a Dandelion are also use for making tea. Petals of Dandelion are use to make aromatic body oils. It is also for treating eczema.

Marigold/ Calendula 

A marigold is readily available all across India. They can quickly adapt to every weather type and are easy to maintain. The paste of the petals of marigold is use in treating blemishes and pigmentation. The healing and soothing properties make the marigold or calendula a favorite one. It is also use to treat rashes and sunburns on the skin. Many people make face mist from the pulp of the petals of this flower. The petals of the marigold or calendula are edible too.


We are aware of the fundamental properties of chamomile as we are serve as tea options at cafes and restaurants. It is also available in shops and grocery stores. Due to its soothing effect, it is popular to induce sleep. The use of the medicinal benefits of chamomile dates back to old age. You will come across the herbal; properties of chamomile in old manuscripts and texts. If you deal with puffiness around your eyes, then a strong infusion of chamomile flowers are of great help. They help in treating the itchiness on the skin, soothing the skin. It helps in reducing weariness.


Bergamot hails from the family of citrus fruits. With its vitamin C properties, it makes a perfect flower for treating skin disorders. You can easily use the petals of the Bergamot and make a soothing tea. You can quickly boil it down and use it as an astringent on your face. This potion can also be use on the hair for straightening purposes.


The bright color and sweet-smelling flowers are consider divine in Greek mythology. Carnation is famous for its stress-reducing properties. If you are stress and your muscles are aching, then have a bath with 100ml of vinegar mixed with approximately ten petals of carnation. They help in dropping the stress levels and have a soothing effect on the muscles.


Popularly known as Rajnigandha, it is commonly available all across India. They are famous for their sweet aroma. The health benefits of tuberose are uncountable. The sweet smell of tuberose induces sleep and reduces stress levels. The essence of tuberose or a rajnigandha is use in the making of body and massage oils.


Jasmine tops the list of beneficial flowers as the advantages of using a Jasmine flower’s essence, or the petals are far and wide. You must have come across the face wash and soap commercials on the TV. It is one of the highly aromatic flowers in this category. You can send flowers to Delhi as a token of gift to your dear one. This jasmine bloom is use in the cosmetic industry for its perfumery. The face mist and the body oil with Jasmine essence are readily available in the market.


The flowers, as mentioned above, add beauty to your garden or balcony space and beautify your hair, body, and skin. Nature has so much to offer us in its unique and simple way. We are also offer to online flower delivery in Indore.

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