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Leather rigger gloves as the name very well suggests are rigger gloves made from leather. They have been used for several years and decades and even centuries in a wide range of settings, situations and environments for various work applications. The main feature of these gloves is that they are made out of pure ‘leather’ which in itself as a material has some very distinct properties which makes it excellent for a wide range of purposes. 

But what exactly is leather?

In today’s day and age, two main types of leather are acknowledged and they are NATURAL leather and SYNTHETIC leather. Natural leather as the name very well suggests is actually made from animal skin and synthetic leather is actually made in various ways by using a diversely rich range of materials. One important point to note here is that while synthetic gloves might not have been made out of animal skin or hide, they are still pretty tough.

The key features of leather rigger gloves 

Whether its natural leather or synthetic leather, gloves made out of these two types  actually have a lot of fans around for the world.  Read on further to know the key features of leather rigger gloves.

  • Great Durability: – Leather rigger gloves have a lot of fans around the world and its mainly because of their incredible toughness and durability. This feature of leather rigger gloves make them excellent options for a wide range of work applications and it explains why these gloves are used in so many different industries. These gloves are made out of incredibly tough leather, which means that the hands are protected from all sorts of scuffs and scrapes as well as sparks. Metalworkers especially use these gloves because these gloves provide the maximum protection from all sorts of hazards related to metalworking. 
  • Heat Insulation and Resistance: – Leather happens to be a great insulator and this means that leather is actually very great in keeping the heat inside on extremely cold winter days. This makes leather rigger gloves an excellent option for extremely cold conditions, right from rigging in extremely cold weather conditions to scaffolding in winter. Leather rigger gloves actually do a lot more than just keep your hands warm. They have been specifically designed to resist heat and some variants of leather rigger gloves available in the market can also be seen as excellent options for hot environments.
  • High Versatility: – Leather rigger gloves aren’t just made from leather alone. It means that the gloves alone aren’t just made from leather, leather has also been used for the grip and this ensures high levels of protection in key areas of the hand of the user. This ensures that users have much better dexterity and control.
  • Excellent Grip: – Another key benefit of leather rigger gloves is that they provide an excellent level of grip that is simply unmatched. This is mainly because the ‘texture’ of the leather is very tactile and the leather gloves make it very easy to carry otherwise difficult-to-handle objects. This extra grip of leather rigger gloves comes in very handy for metalwork and it ensures that the working environment and all the workers are safe at all times.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, those were the key features of leather rigger gloves which have made them the default-first-choice for many work applications in a wide range of industries around the world. You can avail a lot of benefits by turning to leather rigger gloves because they are sure to offer you much better grip and protection than the other options available in the market.

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