Is Coffee Trading a Good Business?

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Written by Christina Jones

Coffee is not just a drink; it is a whole culture. It has been developing around the world, though the west is among the top to consume coffee. Indeed, coffee consumption in America is reaching record levels. Amongst this, selling coffee online seems to be a great idea. Or is it? Let us explore. Coffee is available in a plethora of varieties, and there are a multitude of ways it can be prepared. The corner coffee shop is a great place to go and have a nice cuppa, while chatting with a friend. Personally many people favor grinding their own beans and enjoy a solo fresh cup. In this world, a coffee trader sell coffee bean would profit a lot.

But the pandemic has come on, and the outdoor coffee business has suffered badly. In contrast, the online coffee selling business has grown a lot. Coffee lovers are forced to stay indoors now, and so they are opting to buy coffee beans online. This has actually done something better — where people used to buy just plain coffee from the corner or prefer the office coffee machine, now they are tasting different kinds of beans and discovering anew their tastes in different flavors.

For example, in Australia, the online coffee beans sale has grown by as much as 48% lately. Among FMCG products, coffee beans were never of much consideration. Now all that has changed — roasted coffee beans are now among the top FMCG products right beside flour, frozen vegetables, cooking oils and soap.

In this scenario, freshness is a priority. So, if you are planning to open a coffee trading business, you need some reliable top of the line roasters in your supply chain. It is best if you can implement a 24-hour delivery chain, preceded by another 24-hour manufacturing process.

As with any business, your coffee trader sell coffee bean business will also depend upon several factors. However, your UVP (Unique Value Proposition), the advantages that the client receives when buying from your store. Furthermore, customers’ loyalty, which you can maintain by implementing customer loyalty programs, that has been, is, and will remain a basic factor of success in online coffee trading.

Additionally, since you will almost certainly be selling the beans online, you will have to come up with a very good ecommerce website. You will need to look professional online, in order to be successful. The structure, design, performance, and ease of use all will play vital parts in your amount of sales.

Furthermore, you will need to make sure that the website performs and presents in the best way, since most of the buyer demographics online do their shopping from mobile. Best if you could get an app out as well, or partner up with a good seller platform very active in your target region.

Steps to start an online coffee bean selling business:

  1.     Developing your coffee brand (using a logo, slogan, and niche)
  2.     Setup a website
  3.     Find an e-commerce service (to process and accept online payments)
  4.     Source your coffee beans (your inventory)
  5.     Get your shipping materials, coffee bags, etc.
  6.     Promote your coffee
  7.     Establish your legal business entity
  8.     Establish Your Business Goals & Stay organised
  9.     Deliver great customer service every time
  10.     Be innovative

If you are in the US and want to sell there, then you are especially in luck. People love coffee! It is known that at least  8 people out of 10 drink coffee regularly in the United States. That means, in the U.S. alone, your customer-base is enormous.

And what’s more, people love to share and give coffee as a gift. Coffee makes a great gift for any occasion. Birthdays, holidays, or just as a thank you gift. Coffee happens to be an excellent product to promote all year round! And what about the profits? That is the primary motivation, right? There’s money in it. You can create and run a quite profitable online business by selling coffee to your local area. Also, people love to buy “local” or support local coffee roasters and coffee retailers. When running an online coffee business, you can be set in the unique position to deliver wonderful locally roasted coffee from your locale.

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